Making the Case for FedEx Critical Inventory Logistics

By working with FedEx Critical Inventory Logistics, companies can streamline and drive costs out of their aftermarket service supply chains, consistently meet customer service level agreements, and grow their bottom-line revenues. By Logistics Management & FedEx

January 16, 2018

What is FedEx Critical Inventory Logistics?

An inside look at the world of critical inventory logistics and the value that it provides for today’s companies.

While companies focus on their core competencies, FedEx Critical Inventory Logistics manages their most demanding aftermarket supply needs - from order inception to delivery confirmation.

Through its global network of DCs, FedEx allows companies to position inventory wherever their customers, sales representatives, and/or technicians are located.

The FedEx Critical Inventory Logistics value proposition doesn’t end there. FedEx technology provides inventory management across the end-to-end aftermarket supply chain, with both sourcing and delivery optimized according to the shipper’s preferred SLAs.

Finally, the Command and Control team monitors the company’s critical orders through the entire delivery process 24/7.

Making the Case for FedEx Critical Inventory Logistics

All stakeholders benefit when companies outsource the critical inventory logistics process to a competent third-party provider.

Benefits for Senior Managers: Charged with successfully implementing company policy, developing strategic plans, controlling budgets, and building and maintaining an effective management team, today’s senior managers are seeking solutions that help their companies run smarter, better, and faster.

Benefits for SVP of Operations and CFOs: Tasked with cutting costs, growing revenues, and staying compliant, today’s CFOs and SVPs are increasingly turning their companies’ aftermarket business into a profit center.

Benefits for CEOs: The highest-ranking executives in any organization, CEOs have to make major corporate decisions, manage their companies’ overall operations and resources, and serve as the liaison between their organizations’ board of directors and corporate operations.

Three Ways FedEx Helps You Win in the Competitive Business World

FedEx Critical Inventory Logistics helps companies achieve these key goals:

  1. Improved delivery performance. Choose from a wide range of transportation services to match your unique requirements - from on-demand local couriers to a broad portfolio of FedEx transportation services.
  2. Focus on your core competencies. Leave transportation and logistics to FedEx, and focus on what you do best. By doing so, you’ll be able to allocate resources to the most important business functions, increase efficiency, and maximize your human resources. You already trust us with your packages, let us handle your service parts too.
  3. Greater cost savings. Skip the investment and ongoing expense associated with building and maintaining your own supply chain infrastructure and order-management system and rely on ours instead. FedEx can support the worldwide movement of your most critical service parts and finished goods, as well as provide end-to-end supply chain visibility.

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