JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Wearable Technology

Wearable Technology represents one of the major innovative technology trends in the recent times, wearables, and especially smartwatches are unobtrusive and glanceable to an extent that is unparalleled.

Enterprise organizations around the globe are constantly searching for innovative technologies to enable them to reduce operational cost, increase revenue, and comply with regulations.

Each improvement in these areas helps companies sharpen their competitive edge by utilizing optimal technology to empower their workforce to be more productive and effective when solving every-day business challenges.

Oracle JD Edwards has established leadership in enterprise mobility by creating entire suites of mobile applications in the areas of Capital Asset Management, Financials, Supply Chain Management, Order Management, and Order Fulfillment.

Enterprise mobility has been a highly successful endeavor for customers who have adopted JD Edwards Mobile Applications to streamline their business processes by bringing the value of enterprise computing to the point of process in our customers’ manufacturing operations, projects, services, and supply chain.

While mobility is a well-established success story, enterprise mobility is rapidly evolving into a force multiplier for businesses to help them achieve the innovative edge in their daily operations.

Mobile devices provide instant access to information at the point of service by delivering the power of the enterprise back-end to where the work is actually performed. Mobile devices connect end users with information where and when it is needed resulting in an increase in user productivity.

More and more enterprises are adopting enterprise mobility solutions to enhance their marketing channels, increase customer satisfaction, and, most importantly, improve work productivity.

A strategic goal for the Oracle JD Edwards product line is to constantly raise the bar in our drive towards the next frontier for simplifying, standardizing, and optimizing business processes.

Innovation is not a buzzword but rather the key differentiator between the success and failure of many business models.

The companies that embrace innovative technologies and processes have experienced the following benefits which are synergistic and amplify each other:

  • Increased user productivity and improved staff morale resulting in work satisfaction
  • Optimized business process leading to cost reduction
  • Insights into the operational effectiveness of the business, which impacts top line revenue
  • Unobtrusive data collection and improvement in adherence to regulatory compliance

The next innovation on the horizon and the natural extension to mobile computing is wearable computing.

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