Integrated Business Planning: Powering Agility in a Volatile World

Integrated Business Planning (IBP) aligns demand, supply and finance plans for a clear line of sight across an organization. Discover seven success strategies for your IBP journey.

Economic, political and environmental challenges combined with the growing complexity of global operations have made Integrated Business Planning (IBP) a top corporate priority.

Indeed, in the most volatile business climates the potential is tremendous for this process that aligns sales, operations, finance and other functional areas of the organization into a single line of sight, from plan to performance to profit.

Internal alignment is just part of the IBP process to create company agility that can recognize, recalibrate and respond to changing conditions. It is equally critical, in the face of today’s highly outsourced and distributed supply chain, that businesses enable collaborative inputs from customers and suppliers in their planning process as well.

According to leading research firm Gartner, the majority of large global manufacturers are looking to advance their current Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) initiatives to also include a full view of the financial impacts of their supply and demand balancing options to inform better, more timely, strategic decisions.

This white paper explores how innovative IBP technologies can help drive the right process and the best business value in an environment where volatility is the new normal.

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