Global Intelligent Long-Haul Trucks Solution Realize Driver Behavior Management

This paper details Advantech's fleet management solution which provides long-haul trucks with real-time wireless access and increases delivery efficiency and fuel savings while reducing insurance costs. By Advantech

September 5, 2018

Application Scenario

Complexity in long-haul trucking assets lends to new challenges even as technological advancements in fleet management solutions on the market increase with it.

This is due to multiple factors such as the geographical spread of the fleets involved, the back-end dispatch centers that must consolidate information in new ways for billing and invoicing, and increasing customer service mandates to offer real-time delivery information to communicate with customers.

Additionally, there never seems to be enough time to complete all tasks in this highly competitive industry.

Advantech worked with a large US company attempted to address these issues in order to improve its operating efficiency in its information systems, thus enabling it to remain competitive.

At this company, the billing and invoicing tasks were typically conducted at the end of the workday when the bills of lading were collected from the drivers.

However, the company was looking for a way to perform these tasks during the workday. Through the integration of intelligent systems, including the use of Advantech TREK In-Vehicle Computers, the company was able to and send immediate delivery notifications provided to customers, incorporate workflow load balancing, and more.

Many field transportation solution providers turn to multifunction PCs to stay competitive on both service quality and cost. Onboard vehicle systems based on Intel® architecture can provide the connectivity options to both analyze data at the edge and transmit the data to the cloud in real time for valuable invoicing and status updates.

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