Current Factors Driving the Less Than Truckload Pricing Market

This white paper is a must-read for shippers who are seeking information on the less than truckload pricing market in order to plan for 2019. By Cerasis

December 4, 2018

Overall truckload fleets have seen turnover rates jump to 98 percent, and while much of the focus of higher turnover rates revolves around full truckload, the guarded less-than-truckload (LTL) fleets are starting to see a shift in turnover as well.

Understanding industrywide turnover rates for trucking is essential to reducing freight spend for shippers.

High driver turnover in full truckload can have a compounding effect of eliciting higher turnover rates in LTL carriers.

What You’ll Learn in this Less than Truckload Pricing Market White Paper

  • The impact of the driver shortage on less than truckload pricing rates
  • How Dimensional Pricing Affects LTL Rates in Unique Ways
  • The US LTL Carriers’ Deficit Rating Impact on LTL Shipping Costs
  • The impact of Fuel Surcharges on the less than truckload pricing market

Key Takeaway: Shippers Beware

LTL fuel surcharges and price hikes are not going away any time soon, and shippers need to know that surcharges may not be included with initial freight quotes.

LTL pricing models are evolving, and US LTL carriers must abandon their antiquated deficit rating models.

In addition to making more money on lower weight shipments, LTL carriers can reduce the amount of work necessary to rating a shipment.

Think about it; current practices require double the work in determining the rate for the shipment.

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