Challenge Your Legacy Voice Solution To Be Better

Many Lydia Voice customers are strategically transitioning many of their solutions to cloud environments.

If your business has been using voice for many years with that old “blue potato”, you might not be aware that you will be confronted in 2020 with known data security issues needing your immediate business attention.

That’s because Microsoft formally ended extended support and tis no longer providing security patches for the Windows® CE operating system, which operates your old blue potato. Thus, if you are using one of those blue potatoes, be it an T2x, A500 or even the first generation A700, known data security danger awaits your business. Now you know. Danger ahead.

Data security is nothing to ignore, once you know it exits. For most blue potato customers, few really knew of their data security exposure, since the operating system was a non-issue. Now that you know, you must now protect your business.

Before you simply move forward and agree to upgrade to a newer blue potato that and costs a $1,000 more than virtually any other certified voice-enabled device, it is your responsibility to honestly evaluate and compare possible voice solution alternatives.

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