C3 Solutions: Understanding Dock Scheduling

Understanding dock scheduling: A guide to better understanding the value of automated dock scheduling.

Dock Scheduling

This whitepaper’s objective is to help industry professionals understand the basics of dock scheduling, supported by real industry case studies.

If you haven’t heard much about dock scheduling systems, it may be that, compared to warehouse and transportation management systems (WMS & TMS), dock scheduling is the poor cousin in the family of Supply Chain Management (SCM) systems.

Nonetheless, it is still an essential part of your business, and if not properly addressed, can be very costly to your operation.

We’ll address the issues, present numerous examples are taken from various industries and provide a roadmap towards a solution.


  • How to determine whether you need dock scheduling
  • Identifying the basic cost savings
  • Where do you start?
  • Which solution is the best for your business?
  • Other factors to consider

In summary, we have tried to assist you in answering the 5 W’s (who needs it, what’s in it for my business, where to start, which is the best solution, what else should I know).

If you’re considering implementing a dock scheduling system, be certain that testimonials are unanimously claiming a high level of satisfaction and immediate payback.

If you already have a dock scheduling system in place, then don’t satisfy yourself with the status quo – push forward to the next level of automation. If you don’t, your competitors most likely will!

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