Boost the Power of Your Trading-Partner Network

End-to-end supply chain visibility is becoming more challenging even as it becomes more critical, making increased connectivity between trading partners essential.

Improve Visibility, Collaboration, and Customer Experience

Two trends explain the situation:

The increasingly digital nature of commerce, which changes the terms of competition. Companies are more competitive as part of network of partners than when they try to compete on their own.

No one company can deliver everything a customer needs, let alone wants. Having access to information (data) within your trading-partner network is essential to effective logistics planning and orchestration.

A shift in thinking about brand differentiation. Supply chain and logistics leaders now view enhanced customer experience (CX) — and not costcutting — as their differentiator and value driver, according to a recent survey of professionals.

Building long-lasting, loyalty-building customer experiences requires new capabilities that are strengthened by data-sharing and visibility among trading partners.

This new environment is challenging supply chain leaders to take a fresh look at their partnerships in the context of newly emerged best practices for frictionless, high-performance operations. This guide elaborates on survey findings that paint a picture of how CX-focused supply chains are working with partners in dedicated networks to stay competitive.

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