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Blockchain: Accelerating Technology Disruption in the Automotive Market

The rapid pace of improvements in blockchain technology means that within one to two years, blockchain could provide a solution to many of the challenges faced by the automotive industry today.

The Automotive Market and Blockchain

The automotive market of the future will be starkly different from that of today.

It will need to be more integrated and offer on-demand and personalized services that will include autonomous, shared and connected cars.

Blockchain has the potential to play a major role in underpinning the industry transformation that is coming.

We expect that interest will grow over the next two to three years as more businesses explore blockchain opportunities, which will develop into detailed enterprise strategies.

The rationale and value of investing in blockchain will depend on a company’s overarching strategic objectives as well as its capacity and capabilities.

However, enterprises that do not consider the impact are at risk of falling behind.

Those who are more proactive will have the ability to take an earlier advantage in generating value for their business.

With an analysis of the value and practical applications of blockchain in the automobile industry, this report explores the blockchain opportunities and helps shape the understanding so businesses can develop the most appropriate approach.

Viewpoints /Key Findings

  • Understanding of blockchain
  • Blockchain opportunities across the value chain
  • Practical applications of blockchain
  • Four opportunities for assessing blockchain

We expect the tipping point to be within the next five years, with a wholesale adoption across the industry.

Businesses that do not consider how blockchain may impact their operations are at risk of falling behind and losing out on potential growth opportunities offered by blockchain.

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