Optimizing Your Warehouse with Automation, Artificial Intelligence, and Supply Chain Visibility

The purpose of this guide is to provide you with answers to questions and help you prepare your logistics for a new era specifically when it comes to providing the best in automation, robotization, artificial Intelligence, and supply chain visibility solutions.

How Automation Improves Warehouse Performance

Serving the Customer Faster and Faster

The reduction in the time it takes for products to be made available to customers places great demands on logistics. A registered order must be immediately integrated into the preparation flow for rapid delivery to the carriers. Warehouses can no longer simply manage a daily order book, but must now think in terms of time.

The way operations are scheduled has been completely reinvented. Especially since activities can vary greatly within a few hours. Automated order preparation combined with a high-performance IT tool allows continuous optimization of operations. It is no longer necessary to wait for the processing of previous orders to be finalized before launching new preparation missions.

In the warehouse of the future, the automation of logistics processes will primarily be aimed at speeding up picking. The time between placing an order and dispatching it will become shorter and shorter.

Moving to Zero Error Logistics

Dealing with customers who can easily switch from one brand or supplier to another, preparation errors can no longer be tolerated.

Automation eliminates picking errors and introduces controls at the various stages of the circulation of goods in the warehouse (identification, weight, measurements, etc.) so that errors are now a thing of the past.

In addition to improving customer satisfaction, the economic benefits are significant: fewer returns to process and less marketing expenditure to compensate for lost market share. With the generalization of automation, the warehouse of the future will allow for seamless logistics.

The Warehouse of the Future Guide Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 | More Automated and Efficient Warehouses. How Automation Improves Warehouse Performance and Taking Advantage of the Latest Innovations.
  • Chapter 2 | More Agile Warehouses Thanks to Artificial Intelligence we detail how; AI’s Horizons of Action in the Warehouse, Use Cases of AI Applied to the Warehouse, and How AI Will Make workers’ Jobs Easier.
  • Chapter 3 | Warehouses Better Integrated Into Supply Chain Ecosystem; The Challenges of Visibility, and How to Leverage Visibility?
  • Conclusion

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