Analyzing and Predicting Freight Transportation Costs

In these 3 resources, BatchMark XL, CarrierConnect XL, and CzarLite, we detail how to ensure accurate freight billing across every carrier agreement, uncover potential freight bill invoice errors, and assist with price negotiation and planning.

BatchMark® XL Speeds LTL Freight Bill Analysis

Shippers analyze and predict LTL freight transportation costs in detail

The pressure is on to move faster, spend smarter and predict more accurately when it comes to the cost of less-than-truckload (LTL) freight transportation. Relief comes in the form of BatchMark® XL, a rapid rating tool that accurately rates or rerates thousands of LTL freight bills simultaneously, giving you the power to:

  • Analyze and predict LTL freight transportation costs at a detailed level
  • Uncover pricing patterns and opportunities for cost efficiencies
  • Ensure accuracy of freight billing
  • Conduct rate analysis, bid analysis or re-rating analysis against multiple tariffs, including density-based rates

BatchMark® XL accesses the SMC³ pricing library of more than 4,000 tariffs, including CzarLite® base rates. With its own user interface independent of other systems, BatchMark® returns a customizable user-friendly template to facilitate analytics.

BatchMark XL 2.4 is integrated with CarrierConnect® XL, allowing customers to access both transit times and rates in the same solution. Users can now compare up to 20 services per shipment.

CarrierConnect® XL Transit Time Guesswork is Over

Shippers choose most accurate, comprehensive, up-to-date LTL transit times available

Getting less-than-truckload (LTL) freight to the right place at the right time requires the most accurate and timely information, from shipment planning to delivery. CarrierConnect® XL compiles and continually updates transit times and service detail from more than 300 leading national, super-regional and regional carriers across North America, giving users the confidence to make the best choice for their LTL shipments. CarrierConnect® XL 3.0 makes it easy to:

  • Identify carrier operational capabilities including points of service, transit times and terminal-to-terminal networks
  • Compare the full-service portfolios of LTL carriers
  • Access transit information in both calendar-day and transit-day format
  • Analyze historical transit data

With CarrierConnect XL 3.0, shippers can make the most accurate routing decisions using dynamically updated carrier information accessed through either RESTful APIs or SOAP API messaging.

When combined with RateWare® XL, CarrierConnect® integrates carrier-specific points of service and transit times with rates to provide a holistic view of LTL pricing, transit times and carrier services.

CzarLite® LTL Base Rate is the Industry Standard

Most widely used LTL pricing benchmark in North America

LTL shippers and 3PLs face a multitude of pricing and service options in the highly competitive carrier market. Without a neutral, standardized pricing foundation, it’s impossible to accurately and reliably judge myriad shipping rates. CzarLite® has the answer, supporting both class and density pricing with carrier-neutral LTL base rates to get the conversation started.

The most widely used neutral LTL base rate for pricing agreements in North America, the CzarLite® family of base rates serves as an LTL pricing benchmark for thousands of successful shipper, carrier and logistics service provider (LSP) pricing agreements, representing billions of dollars in annual managed transportation spend.

Download this paper and learn about how all 3 SMC3 solutions for Freight Bill Analysis can solve your freight bill invoicing and analysis issues.

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