5 Strategies for a Recession-Ready Supply Chain

This eBook is a guide to help you think through the upcoming impact of a potential recession and build a digital transformation roadmap to both survive and thrive better than your competitors.

Creating a Recession-Ready Supply Chain: Why Agility is the Strategic Competence you Need

Possible recession. Inflation. Foreign exchange volatility. Customer fear. Labor shortages. Stock declines. We’re living in scary times.

The macroeconomic environment continues to throw volatility and disruption at our supply chains.

Governments are trying to help by introducing new fiscal policies. But if your role is to address the current supply chain issues and prepare for an uncertain future, you have a big task full of uncertainty.

What’s clear is you and your teams are at the center of your company’s strategic agendas.

No industry or region has been immune. Everywhere, supply chains have experienced unprecedented turmoil. Demand and supply forecasts have oscillated from spikes to shortages, causing businesses to realize planning windows need constant updating and re-evaluation.

The following year threatens an entirely new adventure for supply chain leaders – the emergence of financial disruptions. Inflation rates have skyrocketed. Currency values are volatile. Discretionary spending is slowing. Consumer and business confidence is struggling.

We are on the precipice of a potential global recession – maybe large, maybe small – that will impact your business and your supply chain.

Supply Chain Agility

While this sounds scary, it’s an opportunity of a lifetime for supply chain leaders. The mandate to effect a step change in the supply chain is here. The opportunity is to ignore incremental thinking and achieve better results through a new planning technique focused on agility. Agility is the competence that creates resilience to meet challenges and optimize the end-to-end supply chain.

It is possible to transform the role of planning based on a new breakthrough technique called concurrent planning, yielding superior financial and operational results than your peers.

The supply chain renaissance is here. And there’s no reason to wait. You can get your supply chain healthy in as few as 12 weeks. Imagine overcoming deployment risk and unifying strategy, processes, data, and people in a fundamentally new way that sets you on a course to supply chain transformation.

Where do you start on your transformation journey?

Download this eBook and continue reading.

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