2020 Trends for Better Freight & Carrier Management

In this white paper, we discuss how technology - advanced, automation capabilities and system functions - provides a protective effect and enables better freight and carrier management.

The Global Freight Market

The state of the global freight market is changing, and the trends within the industry allude to strong growth within the technology sector to promote better freight and carrier management in 2020.

As the industry looks for ways to align itself with global counterparts and avoid disruption, the value of technology will replace traditional supply chain concerns, addressing the needs for more visibility, the requirement for a diverse carrier network, and even the problems inherent in repetitive processes.

In a sense, the 2020 plan of action for effective freight management must consider the state of the carrier market and what shippers can do to stay competitive, move more freight, keep costs under control, leverage the latest technology, and even tap into the iconic use of Robotics Process Automation. 

To achieve these goals, this white paper will explore:

  • The state of the carrier market, including a focus on expectations for GRIs and DIM pricing through 2020
  • Freight pricing 2020 trends that will lead to higher costs despite increased capacity over 2018 and 2019
  • Why collaboration will enable competition and help keep freight prices under control
  • Using freight claims management software to lower spend through less overhead and hassle
  • The value of technology in auditing to only pay for what you ship with fewer auditing and overhead costs than in-house accounting practices

Download this white paper and learn about the trends to know for better freight and carrier management in 2020.

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