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Gain Greater Visibility With ERP & TMS Integration

How ERP & TMS integration for a strategic partnership

With the bouquet of technology solutions available today, it is becoming more and more difficult to understand which one or combination is the right one for your business. Every so often, a business must take stock, analyze the trends and ensure that it has the correct combination of solutions that will give it the edge over the competition.

Therefore, in order to effectively understand business needs in the present day, it might be clever to historically trace the evolution of the supply chain process, how it has interacted with technology over the years and how it has changed accordingly.

This eBook aims to showcase the technological progression of systems and processes in the logistics industry up to the present day and offer recommendations for the future course of action. It will attempt to familiarize the reader with the needs and thought processes that resulted in the creation of various technological solutions that improved the way the supply chain functioned. It will also showcase how these solutions improved the efficiency of the movement of goods and gave rise to specialized functions that were the need of the hour through the course of history

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