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The Rakuten acquisition of Webgistix in 2013 continued the momentum behind Rakuten Super Logistics, helping to provide warehouse and order fulfillment services to US-based Shopping merchants while also providing key components to Rakuten globally. Webgistix will continue to empower e-commerce retailers to manage their supply chains more effectively with its cloud-based suite of e-commerce solutions for order fulfilment, freight management, and shipment optimization. The Webgistix 2-Day Delivery Network will continue to provide U.S. merchants with the reliable, fast shipping delivery times that their customers demand, and this move marks increased momentum toward continuing to do so on a global scale, as an integral component to Rakuten Super Logistics.

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127 East Warm Springs Rd.
Las Vegas, Nevada, 89119
United States

Webgistix News & Resources

Japan’s Rakuten Continues Amazon Pursuit, Will Buy US Logistics Firm Webgistix
Rakuten said it will acquire Webgistix, which provides warehouse and shipping services to online retailers. Webgistix says it can provide 1-2 day shipping for customers from its U.S. facilities in New York, Las Vegas, Atlanta and Reno.

How to Increase Sales and Customer Satisfaction with Order Fulfillment
A study published by the International Journal of Quality and Reliability Management found that Reliability and Promptness, which includes order accuracy, speed, and customer service, is given an importance of 92 out of 100, the highest of any factor in perception of retailer quality (Mijoon). This whitepaper will examine how outsourcing your order fulfillment can improve these factors.

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