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ToolsGroup is an innovation partner for companies who want to achieve highly accurate forecasts, outstanding customer-service levels and less global inventory. ToolsGroup provides software that analyzes demand history across multiple dimensions allowing for more reliable forecast and inventory targets to master demand volatility and deliver service level excellence.

Our innovative and advanced technologies enables the improvement and automation of the planning processes. These solutions span key supply chain planning areas such as Demand Planning, Demand Sensing, Promotion Forecasting and Inventory Optimization. We have more than 250 customers worldwide and one of the highest customer retention rates in our industry.


Machine Learning Steps Up Retail Performance
Machine learning is a disruptive approach to forecasting, and retailers running complex omni-channel businesses in highly competitive markets…


Mastering the Long Tail & Intermittent Demand
If you wish to achieve high customer service levels, you have to master the shape of the demand distribution and, in particular, its right-hand…

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Machine Learning, Little Black Dress or Accessory?
For retailers, the ability to capture and analyze retail data to make marketing suggestions is well recognized, however, as a transformative technology, it’s no little black dress that pulls everything together, it’s actually an accessory, and the same can be said for machine learning.
Intermittent Demand is Not Unforecastable Demand
For most businesses, the “long tail” is growing, and you don’t have to be an internet retailer like Amazon to see it, companies are dealing…
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Suppliers Prepare for iPhone Supply Chain Cut
Apple possibly overestimated the amount of growth it expected in early 2016, so iPhone sales are below the company’s internal estimates, and…
What’s Wrong with Demand Forecasting?
There are two equally important outputs of demand forecasting and you may be focusing nearly all your energy on only one, and maybe even the…

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