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The Reshoring Initiative, founded by Harry Moser in 2010, is an industry-led effort to bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States. The initiative works with U.S. manufacturers to help them recognize their profit potential as well as the critical role they play in strengthening the economy by utilizing local sourcing and production. The Reshoring Initiative takes direct action by helping U.S. manufacturers realize that local production and sourcing often reduce their total cost of ownership of purchased parts and tooling.

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Is Apple Working on a Trump Contingency Plan?
A closer look at Apple's supply chain shows you that it's a combination of foreign talent, huge labor forces and weaker laws protecting workers that really put together an iPhone and make Apple the company it is today.

Microsoft’s Surface Hub to be Manufactured and Assembled in USA
There are no pre-existing oversea assembly lines that can handle the massive 84” and 55” Surface Hub's unique features, large size and weight, so they will be manufactured in Wilsonville, Oregon in the United States.

US Manufacturing Only 5 Percent More Costly Than China, Strengthens Case for Reshoring
This study by the Boston Consulting Group supports a previous report on why large US manufacturers are reshoring production back to the US from these previous low cost manufacturers.

Can Google’s Robots Build a New Future for US Manufacturing?
Google has spent the last several months acquiring various robotics companies, while Foxconn began deploying robots en masse at its factories in 2012. Last year, the Taiwan-based company announced plans to invest $40 million in a robot manufacturing facility in Pennsylvania, with Gou saying that Foxconn wants to be part of the manufacturing "renaissance" in the US.

Reshoring Likely to Radically Reshape U.S. Economy in the Next 12 Months
Grant Thornton survey finds U.S. companies will bring production, customer service and IT infrastructure back to the United States.

Re-Shoring: Is it Fab or Fad?
Re-shoring activities are underway, that much is for sure. But is this part of a larger trend that brings the fabulous news that the U.S. economy is anxiously awaiting? Or is re-shoring just a fad?

Manufacturing Day Meets Hiring Our Heroes
Manufacturing Day would not be complete if it did not offer opportunities to hire our heroes—the men and women who have served in the U.S. military. Veterans play an important role in closing the skills gap. They have skills that make them uniquely suited to careers in manufacturing.

ReMaking America Excerpts
ReMaking America is the second volume on manufacturing policy edited by Richard McCormack. The first, Manufacturing a Better Future for America, came on the heels of the worst decade for manufacturing in our nation’s history. It set the stage for an unprecedented focus on “Made in America.” ReMaking America unveils a new story: one of hope. With the right policies, the authors argue, manufacturing may see a new dawn in America along with the wealth and growth opportunities needed...

Reshoring Initiative’s Harry Moser Prevails in Economist Debate on Offshoring Manufacturing
Reshoring Initiative founder, Harry Moser recently participated in an Economist online debate, presenting in defense of the motion “Do multinational corporations have a duty to maintain a strong presence in their home countries?”

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