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The management team at Strategic Procurement Solutions brings a client-centered approach to your supply-management consulting & training opportunities. Our hand-picked professionals deliver impressive solutions that result from progressive experience guiding procurement programs for major clients in the Service, Manufacturing, and Public sectors.

Strategic Procurement Solutions
721 Pinenut Road
Coleville, California, 96107-9743
United States
(530) 495-0023

Strategic Procurement Solutions News & Resources

Talking Supply Chain: The psychology of supply chain negotiations
Consultant Mark Trowbridge and his wife, Dr. Melanie Trowbridge, join Talking Supply Chain host Brian Straight to explain how psychology and using human factors can improve your negotiation outcomes.

Supply chain financing in transition
As banks move out of this space, new players are moving in

Transforming Procurement Into a Global Powerhouse
Tapping into the “Power of People,” McCormick takes procurement from regional to global in three years. The SCOR framework serves as a foundation for success by providing a shared vision between procurement and supply chain.

Foxconn Offers $5.3 Billion to Take Over Sharp
Foxconn, the Taiwanese company that assembles Apple's iPhones, has made a ¥600 billion bid, about $5.3 billion, to purchase troubled Japanese electronics maker Sharp,

How Apple Has the Power to Make or Break a Supply Chain Supplier
The reality is that Apple, as the most valuable company on Earth by market capitalization, now has the power to make or break a company through its supplier relationships.

Business Negotiation Skills: 5 Common Business Negotiation Mistakes
In the business world, why is competition so often the norm, while cooperation seems like an impossible goal? Why do we so often settle for “better than nothing” compromises? One of the most destructive assumptions we bring to negotiations is the assumption that the pie of resources is fixed. The mythical-fixed-pie mindset leads us to interpret most competitive situations as purely win-lose.

How the iPhone is Made: A Surprising Report on How Much of Apple’s Top Product is US-Manufactured
In the wake of rumors that Apple is set to abandon its one-size-fits-all design policy and release a budget iPhone and iPhones with larger screens, where does this leave its current standard bearer? Apple has also started “reshoring” production of some of its products (but not iPhones, yet) back to the US. Will this move eventually change the big picture that follows?

Seven Techniques for Preparing Winning Negotiations with Your Key Suppliers
Too often, supply chain and procurement leaders are not well-prepared for complex negotiations with key suppliers. So what does it take to get ready for even the toughest adversaries? Here are seven techniques that top supply management negotiators put into action—techniques that prove effective even when the deck is stacked against them.

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