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Shipping is complicated. It shouldn’t be. ShipChain is making transport and logistics more effective, secure and transparent by utilizing blockchain technology. It was founded with the mission of solving the greatest problems facing the logistics industry today. Our solution requires deep technology, but our vision is quite simple. Imagine a fully integrated system across the entire supply chain – from the moment it leaves the factory, to delivering the finished product to the customer’s doorstep – federated in trustless, transparent blockchain contracts.

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Los Angeles, California,
United States

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John Monarch spoke at Decentralized 2018 about blockchain and how it will revolutionize the trillion dollar shipping and logistics industry.

ShipChain News & Resources

Logistics Platforms: Ways Companies Can Win In the Digital Era
A digital logistics industry deserves truly digital solutions – that means open, interoperable, and building on what has gone before, not making the same old mistakes in new ways.

How Blockchain Data Will Help Truckers Stay HOS Compliant and Remain Competitive
As 2019 starts with uncertainty over Hours of Service regulations, blockchain technology will become the go-to solution for truckers wanting faster, better business management.

Do More Global Shipping with Less Work by Implementing Blockchain Resources & Technologies
When you think about all the players involved in a single shipment’s journey, it is really no wonder how often there are issues and inconsistencies in the supply chain, however, shipping on the blockchain will eliminate much of the hassle with poor visibility and paperwork problems.

This whitepaper describes how the blockchain can improve the transportation of commodities in every country, across the entire globe, and beyond, and how ShipChain is making it possible to make the leap.

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