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Ridg-U-Rak is one of the largest pallet rack storage manufacturers in North America, producing more than 100 million pounds of pallet rack, high density storage rack and specialized rack systems annually. A customer-centric, full-service pallet rack producer with over 400,000 square feet of production and warehouse space, Ridg-U-Rak offers engineering, design, project management and installation services that meet your pallet rack needs on time and on budget.

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120 South Lake Street
North East, Pennsylvania, 16428-1232
United States
(814) 725-8751
(866) 479-7225

Ridg-U-Rak News & Resources

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Getting warehouse rack systems right
Rack systems can be a facility’s most important silent partner. But getting it right requires a plan and some expertise. Don’t be afraid to invest in both.

Best practices in rack safety
You may only think of racks as a place to store product. But unpack rack safety, and it’s easy to see that it also has an impact on people and equipment in the warehouse.

RAMGuard demonstrates rack column protection capabilities
This week at ProMatDX, the patented RAMGuard, a rubber guard that features a “U-shaped” steel insert, along with force distributing rubber voids, is being exhibited.

A year of change for warehouse rack and shelving
Finding themselves in the throes of an e-commerce boom and behind the eight ball, more companies are rethinking their rack and shelving to make way for more SKUs while also adhering to workplace social distancing rules.

Warehouse rack design: A static fade
In the changing landscape of warehouses and DCs, facilities are taking a look at rack design and safety as an integral part of operations as they prepare for the future.

Add structure to your warehouse storage goals
Racks are not immune to the constant pressure to adapt, but alterations can present just as many opportunities for risk as reward.

Hall Wines purchases base isolators for future seismic protection
Nearly 100 base isolators are safeguarding a large inventory of vintage wines.

New warehouse gives winemaker a “Smooth Finish”
To support growth and efficiency in an area prone to earthquakes, new rack protects priceless vintages and ensures productive operations.

Latina Boulevard Foods optimizes dry and frozen storage
The food service distributor acquired high-density, drive-in storage solutions for various areas of its recently remodeled warehouse.

System Report: Rochester Drug Cooperative
An early adopter, Rochester Drug Cooperative is using robotic piece-picking technology to complement picking of slow-moving items. System report for Rochester Drug Cooperative, Robotic picking and inventory management, Innovative distribution center robotics solutions , IAM Robotics case study

Rack and Shelving: Engineering for e-commerce
The growth in e-commerce is driving changes in the rack and shelving world as engineers get more involved and traditional designs become popular again.

Rack/Shelving: Laying the groundwork for growth
Rack design is moving from the concrete to the C-suite as more users quantify the impact of storage on process efficiency.

Storage/Staging: Pick modules boost retailer’s shipping capacity
Multi-level modules include pallet flow and carton flow racking.

Vera Bradley: Designed for multi-channel distribution
Vera Bradley makes the most of pick-to-light and put-to-light methodologies to optimize order fulfillment.

Braun Corporation: Mobility in motion
With a new fleet of tuggers and carts, the updated storage system at Braun Corporation’s manufacturing facility gets more done in less space.

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