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Public Citizen serves as the people’s voice in the nation’s capital. Since our founding in 1971, we have delved into an array of areas, but our work on each issue shares an overarching goal: To ensure that all citizens are represented in the halls of power. As the federal government wrestles with critical issues – fallout from the global economic crisis, health care reform, climate change and so much more – Public Citizen is needed now more than ever. We are the countervailing force to corporate power. We fight on behalf of all Americans – to make sure your government works for you.

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Public Citizen
1600 20th Street NW
Washington, D.C., 20009
United States
(202) 588-1000

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Let’s Just Pretend We Didn’t Offshore Manufacturing
Hope for a “renaissance” of U.S. manufacturing will come through new policy making informed by accurate data, not politically convenient distortions.

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