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Profit Velocity Solutions is a San Francisco-based technology company that has pioneered a unique platform for continuous profit improvement called PV Accelerator™. PV Accelerator is unique in enabling asset-intensive manufacturers in high-product-variety businesses to gain precise control over their mix in order to generate profit gains worth 3+% of revenues. PV Accelerator provides manufacturers with entirely new capabilities in the planning and control of profitability.


The Missing Metric & Shareholders Pay for ROA
How a new profit performance metric, Profit Velocity, is being used to drive more revenue to the bottom line in complex, capital-intensive manufacturing…


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Enabling Operational Excellence & Risk Management
Investors expect companies to operate sustainably - giving new impetus for the development of processes that mitigate risk, enhance safety, and boost performance.

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Profit Velocity - Profit Velocity Solutions
Profit Velocity evolved from its heritage as a software company to become a highly specialized data analytics advisory services firm. Typically, our proprietary, patented time-based data visualization and analytics capabilities are leveraged by financial consultants whose engagements serve private equity-sponsored and corporate complex manufacturers.
Speakers | Velocity Executive Summit
Charles Baker is Director of Client Service for Velocity Solutions. He brings with him over 18 years of executive level sales, client services, and operations experience, primarily in the Banking, Technology, and Consulting Services industries.
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