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Optoro Company Profile

Officially founded in 2008, as a back-end solution for businesses looking to move excess inventory online, Optoro has delivered automation and analytics to allow retailers to connect with shoppers in a unique way, unleashing new profit streams for retailers and savings for shoppers.  The company’s proprietary, cloud-based software platform OptiTurn launched in February of 2011. In September of 2013, Optoro opened a corporate office in the vibrant Chinatown neighborhood of Washington, D.C., while maintaining a thriving operations headquarters just outside the city in Maryland.

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702 H Street, NW, Ste 200
Washington, D.C., 20001
United States

Optoro News & Resources

Optoro and Locus Robotics Team Up to Deliver Integrated, High Volume Reverse Logistics System
Optoro said it is integrating its data and real-time decision-making system with Locus Robotics' mobile robots to improve the e-commerce returns process and customer experience.

Holiday Season Heightens Challenges of Online Returns for Retail Supply Chains
Although online retailers are coming to terms with the high return volume that comes with online shopping, reducing the cost associated with those returns remains a top priority.

Modernizing Supply Chains Critical to Operational Efficiencies & Global Competitiveness
Supply chain efficiency is becoming a key operational differentiator for companies competing in a worldwide market place that is increasingly ignoring traditional borders and limitations.

UPS Invests in Reverse Logistics Specialist Optoro
UPS enhances its retail solutions portfolio by investing in Optoro, and with more than 1.3 Million packages to be returned with UPS on National Returns Day, both companies say they will work together as e-commerce gains ground with consumers.

Reverse Lifecycle Management: The Next Opportunity in Reverse Logistics
Given the huge potential for cost savings, risk protection, and revenue gains, companies should seriously consider building a business case and ROI justification for investment in an RLM solution.

Managing Reverse Logistics to Improve Supply Chain Efficiency and Reduce Cost
Reverse logistics can represent a significant chunk of supply chain cost, and it’s typically not very well managed, it’s time to manage reverse as an integral part of supply chain management.

Optoro’s Sustainable Reverse Logistics Platform
Washington, DC based Optoro offers a reverse logistics platform that retailers can use to manage, process, and sell customer return and excess inventory with the goal of making retailers more sustainable and reducing their environmental impact.

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