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Woodridge, Illinois, 60517
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Numina Group has over 29 years of experience in the design and implementation of automated warehouse and distribution centers. Numina Group’s Real-time Distribution System, RDS™ is a Tier 1 Warehouse Control System, (WCS) with an advanced order fulfillment automation module that delivers pick, pack and ship process improvements for manufacturing and distribution operations worldwide. Numina Group provides a full range of services from consulting/design, voice directed picking, pack & ship order fulfillment automation, Warehouse Control Systems (WCS), conveyor systems, material handling and control for turnkey automated distribution operations. Their expertise eliminates bottlenecks and excessive labor while improving accuracy and throughput in order fulfillment.


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Numina Group Announces the Release of a Full Featured Warehouse Management System, WMS
The company expands the breadth and functionality of its top tier Real-time Distribution Software, RDS™ WES-WCS order fulfillment automation software suite by integrating the advanced Ehrhardt + Partner, E+P LFS.wms.
Schumacher Triples Throughput in Existing DCs, Gains a Scalable Solution for Continued Growth
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Numina Group Releases latest Web-based Dashboard
Numina Group Releases RDS Web2™, latest Web-based Dashboard Interface for Real-time Distribution Software RDS™, a top tier Warehouse Control…
Determine Carton Content, Minimize Shipping Costs, and Improve Customer Service
Vision Pack and Audit System, V-PAS™ adds 3-D Camera Technology to Determine the Carton Content, Minimize Shipping Costs, and Improve Customer…
Building a Better Materials Handling Distribution Center Information Technology (IT) Backbone
Capital expenditure plans for materials handling solutions are ebbing overall, but restrained spending on hardware is balanced by steady investment…
Warehouse Execution Systems: More Than a Bridge
Warehouse execution system suppliers are offering higher-level functionality - such as waveless order processing, performance analytics and mobile…

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