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New Course professionals are seasoned supply chain veterans, capable of leading both small and large scale projects. Our proven methodologies for both consulting and systems implementation engagements drive projects to successful conclusions each and every time. We help our clients achieve superior results, by leveraging the power of SAP’s SCM solutions and our vast experience gathered through the implementation of 250+ WM and TM projects within conventional, semi-automated distribution and manufacturing facilities across a wide variety of industries.


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8 Steps to Next-Day Delivery Fulfillment Efficiency
With e-commerce order fulfillment a requirement for many warehouses, next-day delivery processes must get done one way or another, but the real question increasingly isn’t will you need to handle next-day fulfillment, but how efficiently can you do it?

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Level 7 - Warehousing and Operations Management Strategy. The IoSCM Level 7 Warehouse Academy is dedicated to helping those within the industry who are in a senior management role. This course allows students to study a flexible range of units and further develop skills at a strategic level within warehouse and inventory management. Read more
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Their Inventory Management – Using Inventory Models Course is a free online course that introduces inventory management basics and concepts such as deterministic demand and probabilistic demand. Published by NPTEL, this course for warehouse managers has a duration of 3-4 hours and allows learners to study at their own pace.
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The terms "inventory management" and "warehouse management" are sometimes used interchangeably because they both deal with operations and products, says APS Fulfillment, Inc.
Warehouse Management vs. Inventory Management: Which is Best?
While inventory management software is typically the first step in warehouse management, it is not integral to other operations within the warehouse. However, warehouse management software easily integrates with other software. SkuVault, for example, is a warehouse management software with the ability to integrate with other software.
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