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KeepTruckin is on a mission to improve the efficiency and profitability of America’s trucking industry by building great technology products for truck drivers and fleet managers. The company provides drivers with the number one rated Electronic Logbook App for iOS & Android. The KeepTruckin Dashboard for fleets helps teams audit driver logs, manage IFTA fuel taxes, and track vehicles in real-time. KeepTruckin is trusted by over 300,000 drivers and 10,000 fleets. The company is backed by Google Ventures.


Secrets to Improve Your CSA Score
6 in 10 roadside inspections result in at least one violation, which can hurt your fleet's CSA score, and fleets with strong CSA scores have…


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Appeal on Electronic Logging Devices Will Not Be Reviewed By U.S. Supreme Court
The Supreme Court has declined to hear a legal challenge to the federal government’s electronic logging mandate, making it a near certainty the rule will take effect this December.
KeepTruckin Raises $18 Million as Silicon Valley Eyes Trucking Industry
Venture capitalists have poured $18 million into a startup that is helping to digitize the long-haul trucking industry, the latest sign that…

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KeepTruckin petitions to extend 14-hour HOS limit if ...
ELD maker KeepTruckin is petitioning FMCSA to extend the 14-consecutive-hour drive time limit when commercial truck drivers are detained more than two hours.
Inside the black box: A guide to ELDs - Overdrive
An Overdrive survey from a year ago showed minimal e-logging by owner-operators. Since then, many larger fleets have added ELD systems to get a jump on compliance before Dec. 18, but most ...
ELD - Registered ELDs - US Department of Transportation
The listed devices are self-certified by the manufacturer. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration does not endorse any electronic logging devices.
Fleetmatics REVEAL LogBook - ELD Ratings
Fleetmatics is a major player in GPS fleet tracking and management. Recently acquired by Verizon, they are one of the more prolific tracking solutions on the market. However, a large part of that business is focused on fleets of smaller local vehicles. Think of service vehicles like plumbing or cable repair vans, local delivery trucks, […]
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