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Hawker Company Profile

HAWKER® is a leading provider for advanced, customized motive power solutions. With more than 85 years of motive power experience and innovation, and more than 30 years of high-frequency charging experience and leadership in smart charging, HAWKER® offers a complete line of battery and charger motive power solutions. HAWKER® power solutions are designed to reduce environmental impact, lower operational costs, increase productivity, and improve customer operations. HAWKER® has the solution to meet your motive power needs.

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P.O. Box 808
9404 Ooltewah Industrial Dr.
Ooltewah, Tennessee, 37363
United States
[email protected]

Hawker News & Resources

Hawker Powersource obtains UL safety listing for its lithium-ion batteries
HAWKER FLEX Li3 lithium-ion batteries gain UL 2580 listing

The connected lift truck battery
As the fulfillment environment becomes increasingly connected, the lift truck battery has become a new focal point for companies that want to get the longest life and usage out of their investments.

Hawker unveils new lithium battery and inductive charger
New wireless charger will charge Hawker’s lithium battery as well as its flooded and thin plate pure lead (TPPL) batteries.

Battery Maintenance Solutions: Improve productivity and profits
Although battery maintenance is an issue for a majority of fleet managers, a variety of best practices and solutions can now be implemented quickly.

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