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Nashville, Indiana, 47448
888.988.1699, 812.988.1699, 877.222.9060
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FTR Associates is the industry leader in freight transportation forecasting. Currently our principal source of business is forecasting U.S. freight by mode of transportation, NAFTA commercial vehicle sales and production, U.S. trailer factory shipments, N.A. railcar deliveries and U.S. rail carloadings originated, intermodal loadings originated and tractor/trailer loads originated.


Trucking Outlook NITL Spring Policy Meetings
This will be a tough year on trucking capacity.


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FTR Shippers Condition Index remains down, due to challenging market conditions
FTR expects minimal growth in Shippers Condition Index in coming months
Despite temporary gain, FTR Shipper Conditions Index calls for a rough road ahead
Freight Condition Index Signals New Challenges for Supply Chain Managers
The big change to the operating environment comes in 2016 when numerous regulations in the pipeline start being implemented.
Shippers Condition Index Points to Ongoing Tough Market Conditions for Shippers
While truck capacity hasn't been as bad as we saw during last winter, it has remained tight and, as a consequence, rates have been elevated throughout…

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