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TU Delft collaborates with a large number of other educational and research institutes within the Netherlands and abroad and has a reputation for high-quality teaching and research. TU Delft has extensive contacts with governments, trade organisations, consultancies, the industry and small and medium-sized companies.

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Delft University of Technology
Stevinweg 1
2628 CN Delft
+31 15 278 9111

Delft University of Technology News & Resources

Drones For Good
“Indifference towards people and the reality in which they live is actually the one and only cardinal sin in design.” - Dieter Rams.

The Low-Tech Anti-Drone Technology at The 2015 Boston Marathon
This is not an advanced radar or early-warning detection system - the company’s system simply compares sounds it hears to a database of drone sounds - when there’s a match, the system sends out an alert via text message or email.

Amazon Gets FAA Clearance to Test Delivery Drones
The e-commerce giant had threatened to take its research and development overseas.

FAA Issues a ‘No Drone Zone’ for Super Bowl XLIX
The FAA announced in a public statement that "Unmanned aircrafts like drones are not permitted within a 30 mile ring around the stadium."

One Day This Drone Could Save Your Life!
Alec Momont of the Delft University of Technology in Delft, Netherlands has designed an unmanned, autonomous navigating mini plane that can quickly deliver a defibrillator on the spot where it is needed.

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