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For Over 40 Years, Dehnco has always been about bridging the gap between efficiency and bottlenecks. Along with all the technology and automation, Dehnco uses ergonomics and design to create a more healthy, enjoyable environment where workers are part of the answer.

Dehnco. Work Better.

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300 S. Lageschulte St.
P.O. Box 866
Barrington, Illinois, 60010
United States

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Pack stations take on all of it
With the rapid shifts in consumer buying patterns, pack stations are under pressure to deliver shipping boxes and bags that protect, are right-sized and cost effective. Fortunately, they’re up to the challenge.

The way to perfect packout
The manual pack out station can be an afterthought when it comes to optimal material flow. When equipment is configured to meet the ergonomic needs of operators and blend automation process flow and presentation of goods with efficient process steps at the station, it’s an opportunity to make pack out more productive and safer.

Putting the power of the packing station into users’ hands
As the demands of e-commerce, omni-channel and a tight labor market continue to impact companies across most industries, the packing station becomes a focal point for efficiency and worker ergonomics in warehouses and DCs nationwide.

Flexible workstations improve retailer’s operations
The workstations helped the retailer successfully pivot to e-commerce.

4 ways packing stations have evolved
Moving from an afterthought to a key component of e-commerce and omni-channel facilities, today’s packing stations are unclogging bottlenecks and improving order fulfillment productivity.

Ergonomics: Finding and maintaining the golden zone
New solutions are improving productivity and retention among an increasingly diverse workforce.

Neiman Marcus makes a distribution fashion statement
One of the nation’s best known retailers of luxury goods, Neiman Marcus’ new facility was designed for crossdocking, store replenishment and e-commerce.

Neiman Marcus: Optimizing a crossdocking facility for luxury goods
A high-speed conveyor and sortation system flows goods from the receiving dock to the shipping dock, with some conventional storage and picking.

Big Picture: Little things that make a big difference in your operation
Automation is transforming distribution centers. But don’t overlook the little things that can have a big impact on your performance.

Shipping Pallets: Hey, buddy. Wanna save 10% on your packaging costs
The pallet and packaging industry is embracing science to save money

Handling Warehouse Ergonomics: There’s more to workstation design than meets the eye
Ecommerce has distributors thinking about a systems-based approach to packaging

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