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DAT iQ rate and capacity analytics solutions equip shippers with the data needed to confidently make decisions driving transportation strategy across the full planning lifecycle. Equipped with reliable market insights and versatile analysis tools, shippers can strategically manage their carrier network, control costs, and build resiliency and efficiency into their supply chain. DAT iQ is powered by the deepest, broadest, and most accurate market data in the industry, and has earned the trust of hundreds of top shippers aiming to solve day-to-day challenges and achieve their goals. With the most comprehensive database and a team of experts available for personalized guidance, DAT iQ provides a strong foundation for shippers to navigate a fast-paced and complex economy.

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DAT Freight & Analytics
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8405 SW Nimbus Avenue
Beaverton, Oregon, 97008
United States

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Shippers Focus on Yield Management as Rates Continue to Rise
With FedEx and UPS raising their rates, savvy shippers can still find rate value for 2024, but time may be running out.

DAT’s Caplice Reviews Spot Market Strategy for 2024 Budget Planning
In this podcast, Jeff Berman, Group News Editor for Logistics Management and the Peerless Media Supply Chain Group, interviews Dr. Chris Caplice, Chief Scientist at DAT Freight & Analytics, which operates the largest truckload freight marketplace in North America and DAT iQ, the industry’s most trusted source of market analysis and truckload pricing data.

Flexport CEO Clark announces departure
A change is coming at the top for San Francisco-based freight forwarding and customs brokerage services provider Flexport, with CEO Dave Clark stating yesterday that he is stepping down from his role. Clark joined the company in September 2022 as Co-CEO with Flexport Founder Ryan Petersen, following a nearly 23-year career at Amazon, in various operations, logistics and fulfillment roles. Ryan Petersen will resume his previous duties as CEO, following Clark’s departure.

July DAT Truckload Volume Index sees seasonal impact in lower rates and volumes
The van TVI was down 7.0% compared to June, to 226, and down 3.0% annually, the flatbed TVI decreased 12.8% compared to June, to 238, and was up 3.5% annually, and the reefer TVI was down 3.4% compared to June, to 169 and up 1.2% annually (DAT said that even with each TVI reading declining, the reefer and TVI numbers marked the highest on record for July.

June DAT Truckload Volume Index is mixed, across various segments
The Van TVI was down 1% compared to May, to 230, and down 10% annually, and the reefer TVI was down 3% compared to May, to 167 and down 4.6% annually. The flatbed TVI increased 2% over May, to 267, down 1.2% annually.

DAT Freight & Analytics: Pros and Cons of Logistics Outsourcing for Shippers
In this podcast, Logistics Management Group News Editor Jeff Berman interviews Will Post, Enterprise Account Executive, for DAT Freight & Analytics.

May DAT Truckload Volume Index readings are stable
The Van TVI was up 5% compared to April, to 220, the reefer TVI was up 5% compared to April, to 164, and the flatbed TVI was up 7% compared to April, to 258.

The Importance of Accurate Data Analytics with DAT
In this podcast, Jeff Berman, Group News Editor for Logistics Management and the Peerless Media Supply Chain Group, interviews Chad Kennedy, Group Product Manager for DAT Freight & Analytics.

DAT Truckload Volume Index sees February declines
February’s van freight TVI—at 207—fell 8%, from January to February, and was down 5% annually. The refrigerated (reefer) TVI—at 162—was down 7.9% compared to January and off 4.7% annually. And the flatbed TVI—at 217—was in line with January’s 218 reading and up 7.9% annually. DAT observed that these lower February TVI readings are not uncommon, due to February having fewer days.

DAT’s January Truckload Volume Index is solid to start 2023
January’s van freight TVI—at 223—was up 2.8% compared to December and also up 2.8% annually. The refrigerated TVI—at 174—was up 3.0% compared to December and up 3.6% annually. And the flatbed TVI—at 218—was up 10.7% compared to December and was up 12.4% annually.

November TVI shows volume progression as rates decline, reports DAT
November’s TVI dry van freight reading—at 218—fell 9.5% compared to October, while falling 4.4% annually. The October refrigerated (reefer) TVI—at 170—was down 4.5% sequentially and off 5.0% annually. And the flatbed TVI—at 218—was down 11% sequentially and posted a 13% annual gain.

DAT’s September Truckload Volume Index trends down ahead of holiday season
September’s TVI dry van freight reading—at 228—was off 13.7% compared to what it called “an unusually active August,” while remaining in line with previous years. And it added that the TVI was 2.9% below September 2021 and up 1.8% compared to September 2020. The September refrigerated (reefer) TVI was down 9.7% to 168, and the flatbed TVI was down 10.5%, to 231.

DAT’s August Truckload Volume Index points to decreasing rates and increasing volumes
August’s TVI dry van freight reading—at 258—was up 11% compared to July, marking its highest-ever August reading and a 12% annual gain. The refrigerated (reefer) TVI came in at 182, for an 8.2% gain, with the flatbed TVI up 12.5%, to 251.

Emerge taps DAT for rate benchmarking for its Emerge Dynamic RFP platform
Scottsdale, Arizona-based Emerge, a provider of its proprietary Digital Freight Marketplace (DFM) and TMS focused on accelerating productivity and increasing visibility for supply chain stakeholders and freight procurement, recently announced, that it has tapped DAT Freight & Analytics, operator of the largest North American-based truckload freight marketplace, with a database of $137 billion in annual market transactions, as the exclusive branded truckload rate benchmarking service for Emerge’s Dynamic RFP platform.

June DAT Truckload Volume Index trends up
June’s TVI dry van freight reading—at 240—was up 6% compared to May, with the refrigerated TVI—at 173—down 0.6%, and the flatbed TVI up 5%, to 245. DAT said that changes in the TVI represent the number of loads moved with a pickup date during the month.

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