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Custora is a predictive analytics platform for e-commerce marketing teams. We help retailers find high-value customers, and keep them coming back. Our software analyzes data to predict how customers will behave in future - the things they’re likely to buy, how much they’ll spend, even how often they’ll shop. These customer-specific insights enable brands to advertise and communicate in more effective and meaningful ways.


Custora E-Commerce Pulse Report
Custora E-Commerce Pulse Mobile Report Uncovers Important Implications for Marketers in Light of Mobile’s Meteoric Rise.


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Black Friday U.S. E-Commerce Up 16.1% Over 2014
Data from the Custora E-Commerce Pulse shows that Black Friday was mobile Friday, with Apple mobile phones and tablets accounting for 77.6% of all orders online, and email marketing driving a quarter of all transactions.
Mobile E-Commerce Hits All-Time Record High
Mobile commerce continues to grow at an astounding rate. It's only a matter of time until mobile orders represent the majority of online commerce.

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