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Armstrong & Associates, Inc. is a supply chain management market research and consulting firm specializing in competitive benchmarking, mergers and acquisitions, strategic planning, logistics outsourcing, centralized transportation management programs, and supply chain systems evaluation and selection. Armstrong & Associates publishes Who’s Who in Logistics and Supply Chain Management – The Americas and Who’s Who in Logistics and Supply Chain Management – International.

Armstrong and Associates
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Keep it Running: The Quintessential Spare Parts Logistics Report
Keep it Running: The Quintessential Spare Parts Logistics Report
The report is ideal for shippers seeking a spare parts logistics provider, for providers that wish to benchmark service offerings,...

Armstrong and Associates News & Resources

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Armstrong report takes a look at a ‘downshifting’ in the global 3PL market
A recently-released report by Brookfield, Wisc.-based supply chain consultancy Armstrong & Associates highlights the pandemic-driven swings the pandemic has had on the third-party logistics (3PL) sector, from various perspectives, including revenue, costs, and services, among others. Entitled, “Downshift: Latest Global and Regional Logistics Costs and Third-Party Logistics Market Trends and Outlook,” the report is replete with 3PL market data and analysis, taking a look at the recent past and what may be in store, in the coming years, too.

Sizing up the 3PL Market with Evan Armstrong
In this podcast, Jeff Berman, Group News Editor for Logistics Management and the Peerless Media Supply Chain Group, interviews Evan Armstrong, President of Armstrong & Associates.

Ecommerce and Outsourcing Fueling Revenue Growth for Third-Party Logistics Providers
According to the latest data from supply chain consultancy Armstrong & Associates, in 2016, the global third-party logistics market reached $802 billion and is on track to exceed $1.1 trillion in 2022.

Uber Freight Makes Official Entrance into Trucking
Uber has officially launched Uber Freight, the company’s new service that will match truckers with companies who need cargo shipped across the country.

Armstrong & Associates 2017 Top 50 U.S. and Global Third-Party Logistics Providers
The trend set over the past few years for mergers and acquisitions has hardly subsided, and a fresh injection of equity investment is transforming the marketplace, at the same time, shippers may expect to see 3PLs continue to purchase high-tech “solutions” and hire young professionals for implementation.

Keep it Running: The Quintessential Spare Parts Logistics Report
The report is ideal for shippers seeking a spare parts logistics provider, for providers that wish to benchmark service offerings, or for researchers in need of market sizing data.

Armstrong & Associates Releases “Keep it Running: The Quintessential Spare Parts Logistics Report”
The report includes global spare parts logistics market estimates, which are further calculated at the country/region level and for major industry verticals, and details the logistics capabilities of seven leading providers.

Creating a Synchronized Global Trade Supply Chain
In an increasingly interconnected world, where trade is a core component of economic activity, creating a more seamless global supply chain is now vital, however, a new generation of tech-savvy freight forwarders may be creating just the right amount of disruption the industry needs to improve synchronization.

3 Tech Trends Shaping the Future of Global Logistics
Advanced logistics technologies will create a faster, cheaper and more sustainable circulation of goods.

Armstrong & Associates Highlights the Inaccuracy of the Term “Uber for Trucking”
The leading Third-Party Logistics market research firm profiled 27 companies providing "Uber for Trucking" solutions, and its research concludes that "Digital Freight Matching" is a much more apt description.

2015 Top 50 Global & Domestic U.S. Third-Party Logistics Providers
Following last year’s merger and acquisition frenzy, the speed of technology implementation by the new “mega 3PLs” will need to keep pace with the evolving challenges of omni-channel fulfillment, and those providers that meet shipper needs will remain dominant.

Report Points to Steady Gains in 3PL Sector Growth
Third-party logistics is a key element of a U.S. economy that is the primary bright spot in the long tunnel of the global economic recovery, and in particular, the truck-related components of domestic third-party logistics have prospered during the current economic expansion.

2014/15 Top 50 Global & Domestic U.S. Third-Party Logistics Providers
In the wake of the recent acquisition of Norbert Dentressangle by XPO Logistics, the logistics community is bracing for even more major consolidation deals, and the third-party logistics provider (3PL) community is loving it, especially as their margins continue to widen - particularly throughout North America.

Business Owners Are Abandoning Logistics Agent Programs
CarrierDirect notes logistics agent programs dwindle as business owners move towards stronger platforms such as franchising.

The Path to Fully Integrated 3PL Services
Since 1983, LEGACY Supply Chain Services has grown by a compound annual growth rate of 18% and continues to evolve by expanding its service portfolio, entering new customer industries, and strategically acquiring 3PL companies to become a fully integrated supply chain and logistics services provider.

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