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Aera Technology Company Profile

At Aera, we deliver the Cognitive Technology that enables Decision Intelligence: the Aera Decision Cloud™ that connects you with your business and autonomously orchestrates your operations.

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Aera Technology
707 California Street
Mountain View, California, 94041
United States

Aera Technology News & Resources

Colgate-Palmolive deploys decision intelligence as part of its digital transformation
The CPG leader chooses Aera Technology to accelerate complex decisions for its pet nutrition division

Decision Intelligence: What is it, Why Does Your Supply Chain Need it?
In this special podcast, Aera Technology CEO Fred Laluyaux discusses why managers need new decision-making tools to keep up with the pace of today’s supply chains.

Bristlecone and Aera partnership addresses “cognitive” supply chain capabilities
Partnership brings together Aera’s "Cognitive Operating System" and Bristlecone’s expertise in digital supply chain

Supply Chain Startup: Enabling the self-driving supply chain
Aera Technology provides the tools to turn your data into actionable insights, across processes

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