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Accu-Sort Company Profile

Accu-Sort is a world leader in designing, building, and installing engineered automatic identification solutions to help companies improve their material handling and distribution operations. We offer a full spectrum of engineered solutions, including laser bar code scanners and CCD-based bar code cameras reading linear and two-dimensional symbologies;label print and apply applications, and sortation systems.

Accu-Sort is part of Datalogic Automation, a division of Datalogic S.p.A., a globally recognized world leader in Automatic Data Capture and Industrial Automation.

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Datalogic Automation, Inc.
511 School House Road
Telford, Pennsylvania, 18969-1196
United States
[email protected]

Accu-Sort News & Resources

A Materials Handling System for Fashion Retailing
Fast fashion retailer Wet Seal designed a materials handling system that speeds new merchandise to its stores and accommodates growth.

An Order Fulfillment System Designed to Complement a Retailer’s Business Model
Wet Seal’s distribution center is a prime example of a materials handling system designed to complement a retailer’s business model. In the case of this fast fashion retailer, the equipment, systems and processes are designed to receive, allocate, process and ship new merchandise to the retailer’s 554 stores within 24 hours of receipt.

Datalogic means business with launch of a brand new cutting edge Website
Datalogic means business with launch of cutting edge new Website with a single route into the company’s plethora of business solutions for the Automatic Identification industry and its markets.

Modex 2012: Accu-Sort expands accessibility and accuracy
Accu-Sort Systems (Booth 2312) announced four new products on Monday. The first adds iPhone and iPad functionality to the Web-based software already integrated into the Acculazr line of laser bar code scanners.

Datalogic to acquire Accu-Sort
Datalogic doubles its presence in the industrial automation industry through the acquisition of U.S. Group Accu-Sort Systems

China Is ripe for logistics automation
Forget low wages. As China raises its standard of living, the second largest economy may be eying materials handling automation

Food and beverage: Empire Merchants transforms distribution
After consolidating two wine and spirits distributors and upgrading a distribution center in Brooklyn, Empire Merchants is handling 75% more volume and preparing for tomorrow’s growth.

Southern Wine amp; Spirits’ state-of-the-art distribution center is built to last
Southern Wine & Spirits’ new automated distribution center is designed to handle today’s demands as well as tomorrow’s growth.

Label Conscious; more than getting the right label on the right box
In the world of print and apply, success is more than getting the right label on the right box.

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