YRC Worldwide rolls out HNRY Logistics subsidiary

Less-than-truckload (LTL) transportation services provider YRC Worldwide said this week it has launched a new entity through the meshing of its LTL network with a freight brokerage and customer-facing transportation management system (TMS).

Less-than-truckload (LTL) transportation services provider YRC Worldwide said this week it has launched a new entity through the meshing of its LTL network with a freight brokerage and customer-facing transportation management system (TMS).

Entitled HNRY Logistics, this new offering is comprised of five company service divisions: Truckload Direct; Express Direct; Residential Direct; Engineered Solutions; and Contract and Reverse Logistics. YRCW said that HNRY Logistics combines cutting-edge technology and multi-mode solutions for its nearly 60,000 asset fleet, with its hybrid logistics model providing shippers with a “convenient one-stop-shop” to meet capacity-related needs.

“We are excited to leverage the enterprise synergies of Holland, New Penn, Reddaway, YRC Freight and now HNRY Logistics to bring more value to our customer base,” said Darren Hawkins, chief executive officer of YRC Worldwide, in a statement.  “After studying market trends and customer demand, we opted to build our own in-house freight brokerage and offer a carrier-direct TMS shipping portal (myHNRY). Our customers will have a single access point to our entire network and brokerage – from rate shopping to dispatch to tracking to payment – creating a seamless digital customer experience.”

A company spokesman said that by having one of the largest networks in the industry, YRCW is well-positioned to respond to the increasing complexities of our customers’ supply chains with a suite of solutions that complement its national and regional LTL services.

“We are able to make the most of our enterprise and the assets of Holland, New Penn, Reddaway, YRC Freight and now HNRY Logistics--which will provide customers with supplemental capacity in the areas of: Truckload, Expedite, Home Delivery and Warehousing,” he said. “Many of today’s shippers demand a one-stop-shop experience for their transportation and logistics needs--by adding HNRY Logistics to our portfolio of companies we can execute as a more robust service partner. Continued investments in technology will advance our network capabilities and allow us to do business more efficiently, while better servicing the customer and growing our business and bottom line results.”

As for the key benefits HNRY Logistics can offer up for shippers, the spokesman cited various factors, including how with the multi-modal HNRY Logistics services, it can serve its customers’ needs beyond its core LTL capacity;

And he noted that HNRY provides two key pieces of technology have been developed to make it simple and easy:

  • myHNRY, which provides customers will have a single access point to its entire network and brokerage--from rates to dispatch to tracking to payment--creating a seamless digital customer experience; and
  • campHNRY, a corporate account management portal that enhances its logistics services for enterprise customers, including robust digital tools for case management, data analytics and more

Prior to launching HNRY Logistics, the spokesman explained that customers who had modal capacity needs outside of the LTL category often chose to look outside of YRCWs existing brands for solutions.

“While we had some brokerage offerings available, it was not a significant focus for our company,” he said. “We have since invested in new technology systems to improve our capabilities and hired key industry talent to help build a more scalable brokerage platform.”

When asked what the competitive advantages of this new offering are, he explained that the he HNRY Logistics service offerings are designed to complement its fleet, which is a unique competitive advantage and should positively impact customer acquisition and retention efforts.

“We are extremely excited about this announcement and believe it is a benefit to our company and customers alike,” he said. “We know that many of our 250,000+ customers are looking for more than just LTL capacity, and that they would prefer to keep a direct relationship with asset-hybrid providers like YRCW. Our more than 500 strong sales force is eager to offer these new modal and technology solutions to strengthen and grow customer relationships.”

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