Uber Freight & E2open to Provide Real-time Transportation Rate and Capacity Options

Clients can optimize transportation spend while managing logistics constraints, leveraging carrier network and insights.

Uber Freight Expands Partnership with e2open

E2open Parent Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: ETWO), the connected supply chain SaaS platform with the largest multi-enterprise network, announces that it has expanded its partnership with Uber Freight to provide a real-time rating solution within e2open’s Transportation Management System (TMS) application.

The Carrier Highlight innovation is a new core capability enabled by e2open’s multi-tenant environment that offers all shippers an instant comparison of real-time transportation rate options against both contract and spot rates currently available in their network.

Uber Freight is the first preferred carrier partner showcased in the application.

Through direct integration with Uber Freight’s digital freight brokerage, e2open dynamically compares real-time rates against existing network rates and provides 24/7 access with 100% tendered acceptance.

E2open TMS users are presented with savings opportunities during shipment planning, with the possibility to tender the shipment at a lower cost.

Laurent Hautefeuille, Head of Strategy and Business Development at Uber Freight

“In today’s changing market, building resilient supply chains and utilizing real-time freight is crucial for business success,” said Laurent Hautefeuille, Head of Strategy and Business Development at Uber Freight.

“At Uber Freight, we’ve built one of the world’s largest managed transportation networks and support shippers with reduced overhead costs and flexible, scalable operations. We’re thrilled to expand our partnership with e2open and support pricing decisions with new embedded features to help shippers secure optimal rates into the future.”

The Carrier Highlight offers all shipper users access to the list of featured transportation providers, even if the carrier is not in the shipper’s network.

The shipper can seamlessly onboard the selected carrier to benefit from the current rate reduction and use the new carrier partner for future load savings.

In addition, carriers in the network are afforded exposure to more shippers.

Peter Hantman, chief operating officer at e2open

“Shippers need ways to optimize their transportation spend to win when rates are rising and when they are falling. This expansion of our partnership with Uber Freight offers a new layer of capabilities to help shippers optimize transportation spend and simultaneously manage logistics constraints,” said Peter Hantman, chief operating officer at e2open.

“Together with our partners, e2open is focused on adding value for our clients and helping them realize more efficiency in their supply chains.”

E2open Transportation Management for the Logistics Suite

Transportation Management: Multiple Processes, One System for All Markets

Companies face more difficulties than ever in their mission to deliver goods faster, on time, and at lower costs. Capacity constraints and fluctuating fuel prices are creating significant challenges.

E2open’s comprehensive Transportation Management application simplifies and optimizes domestic and international logistics for shippers, freight forwarders, carriers, and logistics service providers (LSPs) by providing capabilities based on your specific needs so you can serve your customers better. E2open provides a single application purpose-built for your business’s unique volumes and workflows, covering all modes and regions with full functionality for planning, carrier procurement, execution, tracking, and settlement.

E2open Transportation Management for the Logistics Suite

A TMS for Today - and Tomorrow

There was a time when logistics teams could run their transportation networks with a few human resources, a couple of spreadsheets, and a reliable phone line. Eventually, technology providers introduced shippers to automated workflows, rating, tendering, shipment tracking, and carrier payables to streamline logistics processes. It was great to have a technology-based transportation management system (TMS), and TMS.

In today’s world, where complex supply chains, shifting transportation choices, fluctuating market variables, and demanding customer requirements are the norm, having just any TMS can be as bad as having no TMS. Currently, effective logistics management continues to be at the forefront of company operations and digital supply chain transformation, critical to the efficient flow of goods in the global economy. To handle the complexity, companies need to take measures to implement a robust TMS equipped for today and tomorrow.

One Connected TMS for All Your Needs

While shippers, carriers, freight forwarders, and third-party logistics (3PL) providers all move freight, their needs are inherently different. Shippers require reliable service at the best rates from multiple providers to transport the goods they produce. Carriers require optimal utilization and return on assets while supporting a multitude of shippers and logistics providers. Forwarders and 3PLs require efficient workflows for connecting multiple shippers and carriers.

Regardless of your organization’s requirements, e2open has you covered with a robust, always-available TMS:

  • Carrier coverage across all modes and regions for domestic and international shipments
  • Optimization tools to reduce costs and meet delivery targets
  • Direct connections to trade compliance, order management, and warehouse management systems
  • Specialized capabilities such as fleet management, last-mile delivery, rail tendering, and global parcel shipping

Increased Profitability for Everyone

Many large companies struggle with distribution challenges and high transportation costs. Transporting goods and merchandise from one point to another requires a carefully coordinated approach, especially since transportation spend is more variable in today’s environment. Consequently, a 1% improvement in supply chain efficiencies can make a significant difference in profit margins.

Download Taking the Mess Out of Transportation Management Systems

However, managing every stage of the shipment - over the ocean and the last mile - can be extremely complicated, especially in times of ongoing supply chain disruptions. E2open provides the broadest carrier coverage across all modes as well as reusable connections to shippers, forwarders, 3PLs, and other (LSPs) to help orchestrate simple and complex supply chain scenarios.

Provide the Highest Levels of Service

Organizations are under constant pressure to deliver their goods more quickly and efficiently, on time, and at lower price points, while limited capacity and unpredictable fuel costs create strong headwinds. Without visibility into open capacity, comparative rates, and performance history, organizations often incur higher costs per mile, face numerous delivery delays, and settle for less-than-perfect service. E2open answers these concerns with access to the largest carrier network across all modes and regions, plus strong partnerships with digital freight brokerages and a single unified platform so you can select the optimal provider for your shipments.

Pinpoint Your Shipment

Visibility into the status of your shipments provides all stakeholders with reliable, real-time updates for goods on the move. Carrier updates through e2open’s global network, e2net, provide accurate answers to the question “Where’s my stuff?” This capability helps business leaders make optimal decisions in any scenario.

Connected Global Trade, Channel, and Supply Chain Ecosystems

Transportation Management is part of e2open’s connected supply chain platform. E2open provides a unique, end-to-end, cloud-based platform architecture, best-of-breed applications, and harmonized, decision-grade data from a 400,000-plus multi-tier network of suppliers, manufacturers, transporters, and fulfillment channels. All this combines to serve as a single source for real-time insight and actionable information across your entire supply chain. The end value is a connected and efficient supply chain moving as one.

Access to the broadest carrier network provides visibility to optimized transportation choices when costs are rising and capacity is tight. You can consider greener options along with cost, delivery, and carrier preferences.

Key Features

  • Modernized rating, booking, and tendering with an established network of carriers across all transportation modes
  • Consolidated freight from less-than-truckload to truckload, or for outbound/inbound moves from a distribution center
  • Access to e2open’s multi-enterprise network platform with connectivity to global carriers for domestic and international moves
  • Support for shippers’ complex, high volume, multi-mode, domestic, and international shipping needs
  • Management of the entire logistics operation from front to back, handling multiple languages, currencies, and time zones
  • Automated carrier invoice matching and reconciliation of billing errors prior to payment authorization
  • Global logistics visibility across all modes, service types, and regions for you and your customers
  • Enterprise-class, multi-carrier parcel shipping system that supports complex, high-volume, multi-location, domestic, and international shipping
  • Insight into actionable stats through reporting and dashboards with customizable KPIs
  • Highly-intuitive user interface that accelerates startup time with “near-zero” training

Key Benefits

  • Consolidates shipping execution across all modes on one platform, saving time, and improving efficiency
  • Optimizes shipments for cost-effectiveness using real-time historical data
  • Enables ESG-informed tradeoffs and decisions during logistics planning and tendering that consider carbon impact along with cost, delivery and carrier options
  • Helps ensure accuracy and efficiency by reducing redundant data entry
  • Provides for service level improvements through access to in-transit visibility updates
  • Enables you to free resources to focus on other tasks by providing management-by-exception alerts
  • Lowers freight costs through automated load consolidation, mode selection, carrier assignment optimization, and transportation forecasting
  • Improves your company’s on-time, in-full (OTIF) delivery track record
  • Sharply reduces the need to use the spot market-saving time and money

About e2open

At E2open, we’re creating a more connected, intelligent supply chain. It starts with sensing and responding to real-time demand, supply, and delivery constraints. Bringing together data from customers, distribution channels, suppliers, contract manufacturers and logistics partners, our collaborative and agile supply chain platform enables companies to use data in real-time, with artificial intelligence and machine learning to drive smarter decisions. All this complex information is delivered in a single view that encompasses your demand, supply, and logistics ecosystems. E2open is changing everything. Visit www.e2open.com.

About Uber Freight

Uber Freight is essentially “Uber for trucking.” Our mission at Uber Freight is to make the day-to-day lives of truck drivers easier and their work more efficient by leveling the playing field. Backed by innovative technology and a dedicated team of domain experts, Uber Freight is one of the largest logistics and transportation networks in the world. It's a platform and service that helps shippers and carriers of all sizes take control of their freight and deliver on their goals. Learn More: www.uberfreight.com.

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