Supply Chain Agility in an Ever-Changing World

Find out what 1,000 supply chain decision-makers across four major markets plan to do to optimize costs and business spend across their organizations, manage risk, build resilience, and improve their supply chain agility.

The Inaugural State of Supply Chains Report

What did global supply chain leaders learn from 2022 and what challenges do they anticipate in 2023? What actions do they plan to take to better prepare for what lies ahead? How do your priorities stack up against your peers?

How This 2023 State of Supply Chains Report Can Help You

We all know about the supply chain disruptions of the past few years and most leading analysts agree challenges lie ahead.

But we wanted to offer supply chain leaders a quantitative read on supply chain realities:

  • What are decision-makers top concerns and how are they preparing?
  • What are the differences between countries and regions?
  • How can we track these shifts in priorities, and how can we spur each other on to greater supply chain excellence?

This 2023 State of Supply Chains Report is a reference point for leaders who want to:

  • Understand How Their Peers Are Approaching Current and Anticipated Challenges
  • Gain Insights into Where to Focus Their Time, Energy, And Resources
  • Maintain a Pulse on Important Supply Chain Opportunities and Priorities In The Months Ahead

Here's a Sneak Preview

Supply Chain Disruption

Of all supply chain leaders surveyed 50% experienced three or more significant supply chain events in 2022.

Why this matters: Disruption and uncertainty have become the new normal. This means companies need to ramp up their planning and preparation efforts to ensure business continuity when the next disruption occurs.

2023 Supply Chain Priorities

Supply chain design and securing critical parts 40% of US leaders say their top priority is implementing new supply chain designs.

Why this matters: Supply chains are not a monolith. 35% of European leaders said their top 2023 priority involves securing critical parts and other goods. Despite these regional differences, supply chain leaders are not taking business continuity for granted and they’re preparing to take action.

Supply Chain Resiliency

Where companies are putting their money 80% of leaders surveyed indicated their companies plan to invest in agility and resiliency.

Why this matters: Supply chain leaders must balance efficiency and resiliency. In order to better prepare for future disruptions and uncertainties, they plan to invest in their supply chains to keep them agile and responsive. Companies that are not making these investments are likely to encounter more troubles down the road.

Dive Into The 2023 State of Supply Chains Report Data


  • Insights from 1,000 supply chain leaders across France, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States.
  • A global assessment and regional breakdown of top challenges from 2022, priorities for 2023, and focus areas to achieve supply chain resilience.
  • Recommendations for how leaders can embrace technology and digital solutions that actually work

Discover 2023 Supply Chain Opportunities

Download the Report and uplevel your Business Spend Management performance today


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