SnapControl easily integrates any robotic device or system

With SnapControl's device agnostic approach to automation, any robotic device or system can be quickly and easily integrated. While we are able to work with any potential vendor, below is a list of our preferred robotics partners.

Orchestrate tasks & workflows

Orchestrate tasks & workflows to robotic devices in the most efficient way possible.

As businesses adopt new technologies and automation to mitigate labor challenges and make warehouses more efficient, the ability to rapidly integrate and operate these investments is critical.

SnapControl extends the functionality of the robust and flexible rules engine in the Tier 1 WMS solution SnapFulfil. It is a device agnostic multiagent orchestration platform that provides you with seamless and efficient control of all warehouse devices and robots, with a low total cost of ownership and rapid time to value.

Features and benefits

  • Quickly add new devices to your warehouse
  • Connect to all types of devices & systems
  • Automatically allocate or reassign tasks
  • Prioritize inbound, outbound & replenishment
  • Create buffers for delaying tasks & manage exceptions
  • Real-time device switchover 
  • Fully scalable & flexible solution
  • Implement an integrated solution in 60-90 days
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SnapControl easily integrates any robotic device or system
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SnapFulfil WMS is a full-featured cloud-based warehouse management system designed to meet the needs of a variety of businesses in a multitude of industries, including Retail, E-commerce, Wholesale, Manufacturing, CPG, Food & Beverage, and more. SnapFulfil is the only WMS solution that offers Tier 1 functionality with the ability to deploy in 45 days or less, and our low cost subscription model allows you to preserve capital and accelerate ROI after go-live.

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