Pack Expo Show to Feature Columbia Machine’s HL7200 High Level Inline Palletizer

Columbia Machine will once again demonstrate leading palletizing technologies at the upcoming Pack Expo Show.

A closed-loop inline palletizing system with a robotic depalletizer will be fully operational in booth N-6106. The system will feature Columbia’s HL7200 high level, inline palletizer and Columbia/Okura’s model A1800 robotic palletizer/depalletizer.

The HL7200 is part of a new family of high level, high speed palletizers that Columbia introduced at last year’s Pack Expo Show. The HL7200 provides the ultimate in flexibility by incorporating Columbia’s new programmable laner technology with Columbia’s proven soft turn and configurable layer table to provide accurate and stable layer forming. Columbia is the first in the conventional inline palletizer industry to provide an HMI where the operator can create new patterns or modify existing patterns via the HMI. This combination makes the HL7200 ideal for reliable handling of current and future package types and sizes.

Maximum performance is found 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with ”>Columbia’s HL7200 while accurately palletizing 72 to 120 cases per minute (depending on pattern). There are many standard features that make this palletizer the easiest to operate in the industry: Minor Servicing, dropped case detection, Smart Squeeze technology, hoist area interlocked access and advanced diagnostics and I/O status screens quickly communicate to the operator the status of the machine.

Columbia/Okura’s model A1800 high-speed robotic palletizer will be integrated next to the HL7200 discharge conveyor. Using a venturi style vacuum end effector, the robot is tasked with depalletizing the complete pallet stack and returning the cases to the system infeed. The robotic palletizing display will also feature a pick-and-place orientation to showcase product handling capabilities.

Both Columbia Machine & Columbia/Okura include an industry-leading safety package on all their palletizing systems that feature Category 3 electrical safety components. This includes A-B SensaGuard dual circuit safety interlocks and full height light curtains along with enhanced physical guarding to provide additional operator protection.

Columbia manufactures inline high speed, high-level, floor-level and robotic hybrid palletizers, load transfer stations and systems integration. Columbia features flexible, upgradeable designs to speeds over 150 cases per minute. With the experience gained from over 3,500 palletizer installations in the industry, Columbia is considered to be the leading palletizer manufacturer in North America. All Columbia palletizers are built in the USA and backed by 24-hour customer support and parts service.

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For over 50 years, Columbia has concentrated on serving these major industries with palletizing solutions: food, beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, personal hygiene, building products, paper, and chemical. Today, our client list includes many prestigious Fortune 200 companies who palletize everything from paper towels and laundry detergent to fruit juice, dog food and chicken.

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