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Modern Materials Handling’s Annual Pallet Report

Pallet users want more services and support, providers rush to deliver
Thursday, October 25, 2018 | 2PM ET

The results of Modern’s annual survey of pallet users shows they are highly motivated to find savings and more sophisticated services from their pallet providers. Survey respondents are adopting a more holistic view of pallets’ impact on manufacturing and distribution supply chains, and although the pallet’s role is changing it remains critical to efficient and timely operations.

In this exclusive Webcast, we’ll examine how Modern’s readers are revisiting their assumptions about pallet usage and pallet providers’ offerings. From incremental savings to enterprise-wide re-imagining, readers have provided valuable insight into the trends influencing how logistics professionals can turn pallet-related obstacles into opportunities.

Attendees will get real-world context and critical insights into:

  • How pallets impact operations throughout the supply chain, and vice versa
  • How to be proactive about responding to changes
  • How pallet providers can win, retain and enhance customer relationships


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