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How to Digitize Your Supply Chain Without Losing Your Mind

Here are the steps you can take to digitize your unstructured data.

Unstructured Data

Did you know that 71% organizations are struggling with managing and protecting unstructured data?

In this digital first era, the world’s total digital data volume doubles every year. And by 2020 the digital universe is projected to reach a whopping 44 zettabytes! (1 ZB = 1 trillion GB)

That means there will be 40 times more bytes of data than there are stars in the observable universe, as per the World Economic Forum.

So are you doing enough to proactively manage this data explosion in your supply chain?

If you are unsure of the answer let us warn you that it is estimated that by 2025, 463 exabytes (1 exabyte = 1 billion GB) of data will be created each day globally – which is the equivalent over of 212 million DVDs per day!

If you don’t tackle this beast of unstructured data now managing this exponentially growing, volume of enterprise data will get harder and harder for your organization.

Every day unstructured data seeps into your supply chain’s operating system in multiple formats – spanning everything from presentations, emails, invoices, audio files, excels, word documents and pdfs.

What are the challenges with managing unstructured data?

  • The sheer scale of unstructured data in its multiple formats across multiple geographies, corporate entities appears insurmountable
  • There is a lack of capabilities among supply chain professionals to see the untapped potential of their big data
  • There exists a tangible lack of a structured process or an overarching data management strategy that explores and evaluates opportunities presented by internal big data leads to organizations who have been just sitting on their data for years

So, what do you stand to lose if you don’t take charge of your complex, unstructured, enterprise data?

  • Imminent loss of valuable, strategic business insight in buried data
  • Unexplored, “Dark data” can be a potential compliance risk
  • There is a looming threat of data leakage that can topple your organization
  • You stand to most definitely miss the bus on the digital journey towards automation, innovation and efficiency

What can you do to make your data work for you?

Moving away from manual effort in digitizing documents is the first step towards creating an internal data ecosystem that builds accuracy and eliminates delays in business processes.

What your organization needs is to move to a smarter technology that digitizes the inflow of documents so you can be both agile and efficient.

The app extracts unstructured data and not only morphs it into a comprehensive, structured, readable format but also exports it to customer ERP or accounting systems for further processing.

Serving as a powerful enterprise document genie, the app transforms multiple formats ranging from – PDFs, images, unstructured data in Excel, Word and Outlook messages into machine readable structured data like XMLs, json etc.

Want to strengthen your workflow automation, reduce overall processing cost and significantly increase customer satisfaction?

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