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West Palm Beach, Fla.-based, a dynamic pricing infrastructure for the truckload spot market that delivers buy and sell-side market intelligence and business insights, recently announced it has partnered up with Miami-based Hubtek, a talent, technology and training company that enables LSP (logistics services providers) growth by containing operating costs, in what the companies described as a “unique tech-forward approach to the market.” said that Hubtek’s automated rate quoting platform—TABi Connect—has been meshed with’s AI-driven predictive pricing platform to provide a complete solution focused accuracy, speed, and control.  TABi Connect was launched in late 2020, making Hubtek the only Intelligent Automation Hub for North American-based logistics services providers. TABi connect also automates the processes enclosed in the lifecycle of a load, according to Hubtek. said that with LSPs needing to find ways to protect margins and expand through technology, this partnership provides an innovative solution for customers to leverage, with each company having established extensive and growing customer bases, bringing the expertise and comprehension needed to effectively provide the results to the market.

“Greenscreens has developed an unprecedented approach to dynamic pricing that this industry has been void of up until now," said Scott Hadley, Hubtek VP of Business Strategy, in a statement. “The ability to identify market needs, along with the acumen to innovate, to develop effective tools in such a volatile industry is what we look for in partners, Greenscreens fits this mold perfectly. Pairing this unique AI-driven predictive rate engine with our TABi Connect Automated Rate Quoting will bring a tremendous competitive advantage to our customers.”

And CEO, Dawn Salvucci-Favier added in the same statement that price and people are what connect the demand (shippers) and supply (carriers). 

“At, we are focused on meeting our customers where they are in their digital transformation,” she said. “We are thrilled to partner with Hubtek to connect’s sophisticated, real-time predictive pricing to the shipper through TABi Connect’s intelligent process automation capabilities.”

In January, heralded its initial round of outside capital investment, which was led by Tiger Capital. Company officials said that it will leverage this investment “to deliver a ground-breaking neutral platform, driven by machine-learning, for predictive pricing intelligence as well as revenue and yield optimization.”

Salvucci-Favier told LM, at that time, that this investment will be deployed to help the company accelerate its growth in 2022.  

“We will be looking to expand our team in the areas of sales & marketing, customer success & development,” she said.

And from a development perspective Salvucci-Favier said Greenscreens.AI intends to focus on:

  • AI and Machine-Learning—Accelerated R&D focused on advancing mixed models feature set, deep learning, and neural networks;
  • Product Enhancements—Expansion of rate prediction into new modes (e.g. drayage, intermodal) and shipment types (e.g. drop trailer, multi-stop, round trip), integration of weather and traffic data for decision support and AI/ML, and development of market prediction trends and RFP forecast models; and
  • Integrations—Expanding its technology ecosystem with both TMS partners and technology vendors focusing on automating customer quotes, carrier bids, capacity procurement, forecasting, and more

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