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Freight Tech: Separating Need from Noise

Thursday, February 21, 2019 | 2PM ET

The only constant is change, and the freight and logistics technology space is no exception. Supply chain leaders feel constant pressure to thoroughly vet vendors for value and stability while keeping pace with new entrants that bring the entire project timeline into question. Yet neglecting digital transformation will rob your customers of the Amazon-like experience they desire—and will soon demand.

What You Can Learn From Schneider's Digital Technology Roadmap

In this webinar Schneider's Ben Schuchart and Brian Stuelpner share practical advice for selecting solutions that provide quick time-to-value while readying your supply chain for long-term success.  Hear about their journey through building a technology strategy, prioritizing visibility, and selecting a provider.  Learn which foundational elements to build your transformation upon, how to discern high-quality data from smoke and mirrors, what to consider before selecting a visibility provider and much more, all from experts who have recently gone through the process.

Attend this session and gain insight on:

  • Awareness and readiness of emerging technologies
  • Freight visibility as a critical component to a 21st century supply chain
  • Best practices for gathering, synthesizing, and taking action on high-quality data
  • Key steps for building a technology strategy and selecting a visibility provider


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