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BluJay unveils solution that puts configurable, visual data at the fingertips of any user for faster insights, easy analysis, and better decision-making.

BluJay Solutions, a leading provider of global supply chain software and services, announces the launch of BluIQ by BluJay, a data and insight analysis tool that offers real-time, actionable supply chain data in a configurable visual dashboard.

This API-enabled data solution provides a two-way connection with BluJay’s supply chain execution applications, to allow for action on specific data directly from the BluIQ dashboard.

David Landau, Chief Product Officer for BluJay:

“BluIQ by BluJay is designed to be a decision-support tool that sits across BluJay’s applications, extracting data from each application via APIs. This solution is part of the Data component of our DNA strategy. We’re excited about the additional value this innovative tool delivers for customers, who can make data-driven decisions as part of their operational workflow.”

David Landau continues:

“The solution is very visual, with graphical charts and maps that are easy and quick to configure based on what you want or need to see; but what distinguishes this new application is its seamless integration to the underlying execution solution. With a single click, users can drive straight from the data visualization into a transactional function to perform the action called for by the data analysis.”

Any BluIQ by BluJay user can set up a customized dashboard view in minutes, with configurable widgets for a wide range of KPIs. In its first release, BluIQ by BluJay features integration with BluJay’s Transportation Management application. Available data views include scores of options to display key metrics for loads, pickup times, delivery times, saved searches, and other datasets.

Users launch the BluIQ by BluJay interface by clicking a button in their application. The tool creates a new dashboard for the user, who can then add widgets to their dashboard and select data sources comprised of their saved searches in the TMS.

Data is retrieved for each widget, displayed per the user’s choice of options including gauges, pie charts, bar charts, maps, and tables. Future BluIQ by BluJay releases will include integrations to Customs Management-Global, MobileSTAR Dispatch, and Transportation Management for Forwarders.

Beyond this first round of integrations, the company will be evaluating further tie-ins to other BluJay solutions. Customers can create a single dashboard displaying data views from multiple applications.

Landau adds:

“Part of the BluJay Way is the innovative problem-solving our teams do every day for the benefit of our customers. Each year, BluJay holds a series of hackathons with our development teams to encourage ‘boundary-free’ thinking. Without fail, new features and investments are made in many of our solutions from the ideas and prototypes developed. BluIQ by BluJay is the first entirely new application that came about as a direct result of one of these hackathons.”

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