Addressing Labor Shortage Challenges with Warehouse Automation

With so many supply chain disruption issues, trying to tackle them all takes a Herculean effort. Among the top issues for manufacturers and distributors is the labor shortage. There are many factors that could contribute to this: the Great Resignation, the Silver Tsunami, the changing job preferences of Gen Z, or simply the desire to avoid rather tough, repetitive, manual labor jobs.

In the face of this ongoing labor shortage, companies are turning to warehouse automation to combat supply chain disruptions, keep their businesses running, and even get ahead of the competition. It is automated solutions, such as automated storage retrieval systems (AS/RS) that have been proven to reduce these negative impacts by improving order fulfillment processes, driving company growth and profitability, and putting the workers in safer environments. Westfalia’s Ryan Smith, VP of automation, recently delivered a presentation at MODEX 2022, identifying the effects of the labor shortages and discussing the key benefits of automation solutions in the warehouse.

In this webinar, Westfalia's Ryan Smith, VP of Automation, will help you:

  • Identify the metrics for your operation
  • Know how you ship
  • Identify pain points
  • Contact a warehouse/DC automation expert
  • Compare solutions and establish a budget
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Westfalia Technologies, Inc. excels at designing and delivering customized systems to enable companies to organize inventory, optimize space and increase efficiency in every aspect of their warehousing operations. We can work with you to implement a warehouse automation solution in one or more areas of your operation, design and implement a complete warehouse automation system, or work with you in phases to achieve a fully automated system over time. Westfalia’s in-house mechanical, electrical and software engineers scrutinize each project’s data to design, build and install the best automated logistics systems to fit each client’s needs. Every day we reduce inventory, labor and shipping costs, as well as improve throughput and accuracy for a wide range of businesses. Westfalia specializes in the design and installation of warehouse automation systems, specifically automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) for manufacturers and distributors in both conventional existing facilities and new-build facilities. Whether it’s product retrieval, maximizing storage, optimizing material flow, reducing logistics costs or rotating product, Westfalia Technologies has warehouse automation solutions that will fit your products and your unique business model. Westfalia’s Savanna.NET® Warehouse Execution System is a flexible warehousing software solution that provides unparalleled control of material flow and order fulfillment processes utilizing an integrated, system-wide software solution. Having been born from automation, the Savanna.NET® WES is a tightly integrated WMS and WCS, providing maximum system flexibility and an unprecedented user experience. Westfalia is a Certified Microsoft Gold Partner and Savanna.NET® utilizes the latest Microsoft C# and .NET technologies at its core, so you can be assured that you are always using the latest technology.

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