Accelerating Digital Transformation in Transportation Management & Freight Brokerage Networks

One Network delivers enhancements to its global logistics gateway with the market maker digital freight brokerage network and telematics capabilities platform while at the same time extending the company’s network-of-networks to accelerate the digital transformation in transportation management.

A Global Logistics Gateway

One Network Enterprises, a global provider of multi-party business networks for autonomous supply chain management, has announced the availability of the latest version of its Global Logistics Gateway (GLG) with its integrated digital freight brokerage network, Market Maker™, and real-time tracking through its Telematics Network.

Developed in partnership with multiple customers, including a top global food and drug retailer, the solution helps organizations digitize their transportation processes and maintain a competitive advantage using the intelligent technology in One Network’s NEO platform.

One Network’s GLG serves as a single point of contact for global carriers, freight forwarders and other logistics service providers with pre-integrated connections to telematics services, making it easy to connect and collaborate with shipping partners on One Network’s Real Time Value Network, which includes more than 75,000 companies.

One Network Market Maker is the GLG’s intelligent supply-demand matching service that optimally matches transportation supply with demand in the Network.

The Market Maker service leverages system policies where Shippers can publish demand while allowing transportation providers, digital freight matching companies, and other freight marketplaces to post available capacity and rates.

The service then optimally selects the best available capacity with the desired rate and service level.

Together, One Network’s Intelligent Logistics Platform and the GLG’s Market Maker enhancements enable truly integrated digital freight brokerage across a federated network where customers can easily obtain real-time pricing for spot freight and book coverage from leading digital freight brokers such as Convoy and Loadsmart.

GLG version 3.2 enhancements introduce a suite of integrated solutions to support advanced collaboration across a network of thousands of carriers:

  • Telematics:  Direct interface to telematics-based solution providers and One Network’s Carrier Mobile Application enables real-time tracking of location and in-transit events.
  • Geo-Location Intelligence: NEO intelligent agents utilize the real-time telematics information to predict ETAs for shipments and orders to determine shipments at risk, drive alerts and automate activities such as re-scheduling. NEO uses accurate geo-location updates to determine departure and arrival events that facilitate easier and faster carrier communications.
  • LTL Carrier Network: An advanced Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) Carrier and Digital Freight Broker API provides direct integration that enables rate quote exchange, booking requests and responses, tender collaboration, and appointment scheduling and shipment status updates. This new capability allows Shippers to automate the booking of LTL and TL freight coverage, even if it requires complex measurements of freight attributes, such as dimensions and weight, for determining the applicable rate.
  • Digital Freight Broker Network: One Network’s Digital Freight Broker API provides direct integration that enables rate quote exchange, booking requests and responses as well as appointment scheduling and shipment status updates.
  • Lumper Network: An advanced Lumping Service Provider API tracks activities at loading/unloading locations and is linked to One Network’s appointment scheduling services, providing detailed event tracking for greater visibility in the Network.
Johann van der Westhuizen, VP Strategic Business Development from One Network

“Shippers using One Network to manage freight are looking to simplify their complex supply chains and will realize great value in the efficiencies that our federated Network-of-Networks provides,” said Johann van der Westhuizen, VP Strategic Business Development from One Network (pictured right).

“By directly integrating real-time pricing into our transportation management system (TMS), we’ve been able to introduce another streamlined way for customers to find and book affordable, high-quality coverage. Customers will further reduce labor costs, improve supply chain predictability, and reduce overall transportation costs, thanks to this real-time connectivity.”

Shippers continue to struggle to secure ground transport and ocean freight transportation in a fast and reliable manner as a result of freight market volatility, seasonal crunches in carrier capacity, and drastic rate fluctuations.

In addition, the process to secure coverage for spot freight often involves highly manual rate shopping by phone, emails or bid boards to secure the best Carrier option.

The Market Maker digital freight brokerage solution adds value to companies transacting on the Network, as it provides a new and easy freight booking capability.

It allows customers to secure reliable spot transportation with instant rates, one-click booking, and 100 percent tender acceptance across a network of integrated digital freight brokers – all within the One Network platform. 

This offers a seamless and efficient solution for One Network transportation users, as Shippers no longer need to leave One Network’s Intelligent Logistics Platform to manually secure coverage for spot freight.

One Network’s Logistics Solution Suite

Rapidly Achieve Accurate Real-Time Information and Optimization


Transportation Management Solutions (TMS) have been around for more than 25 years, but as globalization, outsourcing and specialization have increased, more complex opportunities to optimize logistics performance and reduce costs are emerging.

Shippers are relying heavily on logistics solutions as well as their 3/4PL partners to increase competitiveness, attain a global view of supply network activity, and pursue complex opportunities to maximize logistics performance and efficiencies.

Integrated Planning and Execution

Download Logistics Solution Suite: Rapidly Achieve Accurate Real-Time Information & Optimization

Digital Supply & Logistics Network Platform

One Network’s Logistics Solution Suite has industry-proven success across manufacturing, retail, CPG, food service, automotive, healthcare, pharmaceutical, high tech, aerospace, logistics, and government sectors while empowering logistics partners to better serve their customers. Shippers and 3PL’s use the One Network Logistics Solution Suite on the Real-Time Value Network™ (RTVN™), to rapidly achieve accurate real-time information, optimization and collaboration across a diverse set of trading partners and their systems.

One Network optimizes, automates and tracks execution of the entire inbound and outbound logistics lifecycle, from order to delivery, for a global, multi-modal, multi-leg network of 17,000 transportation providers. To enhance the customer-driven business network, One Network brings unprecedented resiliency, efficiencies, and shared business benefits for the entire Logistics network of shippers, 3PL’s, carriers, and service providers.

Global Logistics Gateway

A network of networks that harmonizes data and operations, enables end-to-end visibility and enhances Carrier-Shipper collaboration

The Global Logistics Gateway (GLG) connects Shippers, Carriers and other supply chain operating networks through a single point of connection, to unlock new partnerships, enhance operations and create end-to-end logistics visibility.

It uses open standards-based authentication and public API-based process orchestration across a variety of Carrier systems and transportation networks to create a network of networks that unlocks new opportunities and operational efficiencies for all parties.

Join a Thriving Marketplace for Shippers and Carriers


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