3PL Provider Improves Ecommerce Fulfillment from Multiple WMS Systems with New Data Architecture

One Six Solutions recently helped a third-party logistics company implement a Data Warehouse solution that utilizes a modern cloud data architecture to reduce maintenance overhead as well as allow the client to scale in size as their data needs continue to grow.

Modern Data Solutions for Logistics Companies

Move more freight with One Six Solutions helping transform your logistics company into a Modern Data Organization.

Why a Modern Data Organization for Logistics?

A Modern Data Organization for logistics companies streamlines standardizes and automates their internal and external data management process.

This allows teams to shift their focus from data management to growing and improving their business.

Modern Data Analytics Enables your Business to:

  • Remain Competitive: The field of data management and analytics is constantly evolving, with new technologies and regulations emerging all the time. Logistics companies must stay up-to-date with these changes in order to remain competitive and compliant.
  • Optimize Operations: Identify inefficiencies and bottlenecks that are impacting your ability to deliver goods quickly and reliably. This can help you to optimize operations and increase revenue by improving delivery speed and reliability, which can lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Adapt & Scale Solutions: Logistics companies deal with massive transactional data that can grow out of hand fast. Modern data solutions can scale up quickly and tackle large complex data sets in real-time and are adaptable to systems across the organization.
  • Get Universal Insights: Logistics companies rely on accurate and reliable data to make critical decisions and optimize their operations at each level of the company. A modern data organization has seamless access to this data across the organization.

One Six’s approach to helping logistics companies become Modern Data Organizations involves the:

  1. Creating an enterprise data strategy custom-tailored to your business
  2. Selecting and implementing modern data platforms and tools
  3. Implementing advanced analytics and machine learning techniques to improve data-driven decision making
  4. Modernizing data processes and teams
  5. Building data applications with integrated analytics and utilizing advanced analytics capabilities

Building a Modern Data Organization for Logistics Companies with One Six

Modern Data Organization

1. Enterprise Data Strategy

To help our logistics clients accelerate their path to a data-driven organization, we built a customizable strategy custom-tailored to the logistics industry. Our team of strategy consultants works closely with your business and technology organization to define your modern data strategy and build an executable plan to achieve it.

This multifaceted initiative will focus on the following key areas:​

  • Current State: We analyze the existing data assets, strategy, platforms, people, and processes and create a scorecard of your organization’s data maturity.
  • Future State: We create a strategic vision for the future state of your data-driven organization that includes technology, people, processes, and data use cases.​
  • Roadmap/Gap Closure: We develop a roadmap to move you from this current state to the future state prioritized by the projects that provide the most value.​

Our team created the Data Roadmap process to help logistics firms map their path from their current state to their desired future state. This process prioritizes projects with high ROI and low risk.

Our strategists will collaborate with your team to determine the most impactful projects in the short and long term. They will create a list of prioritized projects using an opportunity matrix, which will show which projects deserve investment and the best order to tackle them.

2. Modern Platform and Tools

Logistics companies deal with massive amounts of transactional data from multiple systems including internal Order Management Systems (OMS), Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), Yard Management Systems (YMS), Transportation Management Systems (TMS), HR, CRM, and finance, as well as needing to integrate with external partners, vendors, and customer systems.

To remain competitive, and move freight effectively and efficiently, it is critical for logistics companies to integrate all of their systems and data sources to ensure that Core Business KPIs are defined, measured, and reported equally to all users.

One Six Solutions has extensive experience helping logistics companies design, build, and implement Modern Data Platforms and Tools that consider all aspects of the client’s business goals to deliver robust end-to-end systems that prioritize security, scalability, and ease of use, with proven industry best practices.

Logistics Modern Data Architecture

Modern Data Platforms & Tools Solutions

Imagine the possibilities for your organization with all of your data sources connected to a central data warehouse or data lake. Data is cleansed, transformed, and analytics-ready, at scale and in real-time.

Our consulting services can help address any data-related challenge, whether you need to set up a centralized repository that integrates with other platforms or you want to optimize your existing system to better support analytics initiatives. Our experienced team of data management professionals has seen and done it all.

Logistics Provider Improves Decision-Making with a New Modern Data Architecture

Featured Case Study – Data Warehouse

One Six Solutions recently helped a third-party logistics company implement a Data Warehouse solution that utilizes a modern cloud data architecture to reduce maintenance overhead as well as allow the client to scale in size as their data needs continue to grow.

E-commerce Order Fulfillment

A third-party logistics provider focused on helping businesses handle their e-commerce order fulfillment and retail distribution has fulfillment centers strategically located across the nation to reduce order transit time.

Data Silos and Data Inconsistencies

The client has multiple warehouse management systems (WMS) for inventory management and for monitoring warehouse activities such as receiving, putaway, picking, packing, and shipping.

Multiple Warehouse Management systems from different vendors resulted in data silos and data inconsistencies creating delays in enterprise-wide reporting.

They needed a solution that would consolidate their data, reduce maintenance overhead, and allow them to scale in size as their data needs continued to grow.

The Solution: Utilize Modern Cloud Data Architecture

One Six implemented a solution that utilizes modern cloud data architecture to reduce maintenance overhead as well as allow the client to scale in size as their data needs continued to grow.

The solution consisted of replicating all the data from various operational systems into a Data Lake.

A Data Warehouse was designed to consolidate all data into a centralized location designed for easier access, analysis, and reporting.

Custom Analytics and Software Solutions. Incredible Results.

One Six Solutions took advantage of many powerful cloud data platforms to create the appropriate best-of-breed solution for their client:

Visit Snowflake's Home Page

Snowflake’s data platform was leveraged to create a highly secure, scalable Data Lake and Data Warehouse environment

Visit Fivetran's Home Page

Fivetran provided resilient data pipelines sourcing data from multiple WMS systems and loading data into the Data Lake, saving time and money on data engineering development​

Matillion's Home Page

Matillion was the transformation and orchestration engine for building the enterprise data model in the Data Warehouse

The world’s leading analytics platform.

Tableau provided executive dashboards and customer-facing reporting across the firm driving actionable insights and trends

Cloud Data Warehouse Results

With this single source of truth (the cloud Data Warehouse), the organization was able to generate comprehensive reporting on KPIs that allowed the business to look at these numbers with confidence to support strategic decision-making.

The operations team utilized these reports generated from the Data Warehouse for inventory planning to reduce the risk of stockouts and identify demand patterns. The facility managers utilized the reports to identify inefficiencies in warehouse activities to improve the order fulfillment turnaround time.

How Could Transforming to A Modern Data Organization Improve Your Logistics Company?

Need help with your enterprise application development, data management, or data analytics project? Fill out the form and schedule a time, at your convenience, to discuss your business and project needs with our team, and set up a free virtual or in-person whiteboarding session.

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3PL Provider Improves Ecommerce Fulfillment from Multiple WMS Systems with New Data Architecture

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