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The report reflects data and sentiments from more than 500 contract warehousing operations, nearly 400 contract customers, and 10 public warehousing operations.

Report details a strong 2017, zeroing in on industrial vacancy rate and rents.

New CEO believes material handling and logistics particularly susceptible to approaching "automation revolution."

Depending on your application, vertical labels can improve productivity, accuracy and consistency.

3PL operators and facility owners are benefiting from a rapidly rising rate of product returns, as many retailers outsource reverse logistics operations to cut costs and gain maximum efficiencies.

The steady growth in square footage among the top third-party logistics (3PL) warehouses belies a fundamental transformation as the market adapts to e-commerce pressures.

Online sales create instant short-term demand for warehouse and distribution center space, a potential headache for retailers.

Modern facility to support growth and expansion plans and will create 85 new jobs before 2019.

Recent data issued by industrial real estate firm CBRE in its U.S. Industrial Availability Index continues to highlight the decline of the average availability rate for United States-based warehouses and distribution centers, with the third quarter rate heading down ten basis points to 7.7, its lowest availability rate going back to 2001.

Environmental factors don't have to result in label damage, read errors and lost productivity.

Supply chain organizations must make it a priority to build a resilient talent acquisition team that can weather turbulence and help sustain a positive bottom line.

Even in a busy warehouse or distribution center, reinforcing safety measures should never take a back seat.

One-day WERC educational and networking event to be held outside Dallas on Thursday, September 7.

JLL research suggests industrial space faces squeeze with record-high rents and historic vacancy lows.

Designed to keep stored goods above freezing in harsh winters, the insulated warehouse supports a three-year project.