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The mission to assure the health and safety of workers is essential and requires applied policies and processes to reduce overall injuries in the workplace.

To reduce incidents and keep production and workflow moving as planned, it’s critical for your contractors and suppliers to understand all policies and follow them exactly as required.

Here are some best practices you can follow that can help you choose a solution that can meet your needs and those of your suppliers.

In partnership with Ventana Research, this whitepaper explores how to stay competitive in a marketplace that increasingly values sustainability.

Governance, risk and compliance are the corporate responsibility watchwords when using subcontracted labor.

Managing risk should be a priority for any supply chain, and that means prequalifying contractors, suppliers, and vendors.

We’ve compiled seven, popular New Year’s Resolutions for Supply Chains to help you achieve your safety and sustainability goals in the coming year.

Sustainability is becoming a primary focus for supply chains across all industries.

This case study shows how with the Avetta network, DocuGUARD, AuditGUARD, and InsureGUARD, Vertical Limit improved search efficiency by over 50% with instant access to thousands of contractors across the U.S., and reduced supply chain risk with in-depth supplier audits and verification of contractor safety compliance and insurance.

In order to build a sustainable organization, you need a way to account for the measures that affect long term survivability.

This paper details three areas in which environmental, health, and safety expertise can be aligned with an organization’s procurement practices to create an arrangement that is beneficial for everyone.

A committed group of your peers gave substantial time and effort to support driving excellence across the supply chain. They understand the need to continue to engage business professionals and suppliers to further sustainability and social responsibility initiatives.

Supply professionals are in a unique, critical position to impact the global supply chain and therefore should supplement their organization's work in sustainability and social responsibility by promoting sustainability and social responsibility through leadership and participation on appropriate committees, boards and panels of governmental and nongovernmental organizations.

Results from the Deloitte Consulting, the Corporate Responsibility Officer Association (CROA), the Institute for Supply Management™ (ISM), and the American Society for Quality (ASQ) Sustainable Value Chain Survey.